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What does a marketer do? In simple words, a marketer is a specialist who helps a seller and a buyer find each other. Over many years, this profession has been at its peak of popularity. But now offline marketing has significantly given up its position. The new reality requires new specialists. The specialists who can do online marketing.

At the interface of economics and technology

More and more companies are trying to bring their business online, and those that have already done this try to maintain and strengthen their positions. Traditional marketing with print ads, telephone communications, and face-to-face meetings is not enough anymore to cope with these tasks. We need specialists who can sell using online tools: sites, social networks, virtual platforms. To do this effectively, you need an education that combines economics and programming. And the specialty "Electronic Marketing" provides this kind of education.

“Electronic Marketing” at PSU

The specialty “Electronic Marketing” appeared at PSU in 2019 and became very popular among the applicants.

  • Polotsk State University is the only HEI in the Vitebsk Region that trains specialists in “Electronic Marketing”. Industrial companies and other different organizations are actively asking PSU to provide them with specialists in this field. That’s why the graduates have no problems with finding a job.

  • The Faculty of Finance and Economics, an “old resident” of Polotsk State University, is responsible for the economics sciences. Its long history (it has been 28 years already) and continuing improvement of educational process make it possible to train specialists that are savvy about economy.
  • The Faculty of Information Technology, a young and rapidly developing faculty, is responsible for training the students in IT. The faculty actively cooperates with a great number of Belarusian IT companies.

  • Besides a common curriculum there are lots of elective courses. This helps the students to decide what to focus on: economics or IT.
  • The lecturers of PSU are actively implementing active teaching methods and giving tasks of applied nature to the students. This will be of use when meeting challenges that people face in real life. Such an approach allows to develop soft skills: the ability to work in a team, manage your time and present the results of your work.

  • It’s difficult to imagine a marketer or an IT specialist without knowledge of at least one foreign language. Any person willing to learn English, German, French or other foreign language, can easily do this at PSU for there is the Centre for Foreign Languages Study here. Besides, there is the Confucius Centre for the Chinese language study.
  • The specialty “Electronic Marketing” requires creativeness and initiative. There are plenty of opportunities to improve these qualities at PSU. There are activities for all tastes: singing, dancing, doing a student theatre, being a member of the Club of the Funny and Inventive and etc. And, of course, you can show your talents at various concerts, festivals and competitions.

The graduates can work as

After completing the course, graduates can work in the sphere of both traditional and Internet marketing, as well as in the sphere of e-commerce:

  • A digital marketer;
  • An account-manager;
  • A PR-manager in the digital sphere;
  • A copywriter or a content manager;
  • A contextual advertising specialist;
  • A SEO specialist;
  • A SMM specialist;
  • A web analyst.

The graduates receive a qualification of a “Programmer” at the same time, which gives them the opportunity to find a job in the field.

You can’t decide what you like more economics or programming?
If you apply for “Electronic Marketing” you won’t have to choose and will become a great specialist in both of the spheres.

How Do I Enter Polotsk State University?

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