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Fragrant coffee in the morning, exotic fruits at any time of the year, a beautiful bouquet as a gift, even if it is not summer. When you get used to some things, you don’t think about where they come from anymore. Although behind all this is the work of many people. And, of course, this can’t be done without logisticians.

Strategists on the battlefield with economic costs

Traditionally, logistics is a system for organizing goods delivery at minimal costs. Although now the concept is expanding, and “logisticians” are called those specialists who analyze all business processes and provide savings for the organization. To meet this objective, you need to be capable of processing large amount of information. To do this well, you need quite a few personal qualities, such as logical thinking, patience, self-organization, attentiveness and stress resistance. So, it turns out that a good logistician is like a strategist. But a strategist that has to fight not against the enemy’s army, but against economic costs.

There are various majors in logistics. For example, procurement specialists work with suppliers. Sales or distribution logistics specialists solve sales issues. Production logistics specialists deal with production costs optimization. Specialists in customs clearance are also considered to be logisticians.

Competencies of a logistician

A successful logistician has a deep knowledge in economy, customs, as well as developed communication skills. The specialty "Logistics" at Polotsk State University will help you to acquire all these qualities and skills.

  • A thought out program. In addition to special disciplines, students of the specialty "Logistics" study lots of subjects from related economic fields. “Basic Principals of Pricing”, “Accounting and Analysis”, “Customs Law” are just some of them.

  • Specialized exhibitions. PSU students regularly visit specialized exhibitions on transport and logistics, where leading organizations demonstrate their achievements.

  • Foreign specialists’ experience. Foreign experts often come to PSU to share their experience with students.

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  • Training. During their studies, students of the specialty "Logistics" undergo 4 types of training: introductory practical training, industry-focused and analytical training, industry-focused organizational and economic training, and pre-graduation practical training. All these trainings help to get acquainted with the profession features and prepare for future work.
  • Science. Education at PSU is not only theoretical knowledge and practice, but also scientific research. Students present their research results at various republican and international conferences. Besides, their works are highly appreciated and take first places.

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And one more important thing. Logistics is an international field of activity, and one cannot do without knowledge of foreign languages. Polotsk State University has the Center for Foreign Languages Study. Every student can advance language skills or start learning a new language.

Where do logisticians work?

Any large-scale industrial company needs specialists who can manage material flows. Every year, more and more logistics centers appear in Belarus and logisticians are always in demand. As for the graduates of PSU, they can easily find work in various organizations like “Naftan”, “Polotsk-Steklovolokno”, “Resttrade”, “Logistic”, “Keramin”, “Alivaria”, as well as a lot of freight forwarding organizations

How to enter Polotsk State University?

Logistics is a promising profession that will suit a highly motivated, organized and energetic person. At PSU, you will be able to develop all the necessary qualities and skills, and learn a foreign language in order to become a sought-after specialist in the future.

Guide: How Do I Enter Polotsk State University?

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