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The demand for engineering degrees is always really high at Polotsk State University. One of the most popular engineering degrees offered by PSU is Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering. Why do both boys and girls choose this specialty? It’s pretty simple: a civil engineer is an interesting and perspective job. Students are trained at the Faculty of Civil Engineering that has frequently become the best faculty in the Republic of Belarus in training specialists for the construction industry.

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Industrial and Civil Engineering: what is the specialty like? What subjects do civil engineering students study? Do males learn differently than females? What are good points of the specialty? Now, let’s find out.

A civil engineer: who is it?

Your work can involve installing, setting up and repairing equipment, testing and checking components. You work in any of these fields at any point from the design to the completion of the structure. Among the main job duties are construction site management, to determine the amount of material and control the labor force, construction programming, quality control, paper work and contracts and etc.

What subjects do civil engineering students study?

Students study such disciplines as mathematics and physics, classical mechanics and structural theory, descriptive geometry, engineering drawing and computer graphics, architecture, building surveying, construction economics. Besides, students receive valuable and necessary knowledge in such major disciplines as materials science, strength of materials, construction technology, soil engineering, foundation engineering.

Photo Open University Olympiad in Geographic Disciplines

Photo Open University Olympiad in Geographic Disciplines

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Teaching and educational process

Students receive most of the knowledge at lectures and seminars. Teachers try to diversify the educational process, giving not only theory but also the necessary practical skills. For instance, the project method is widely used at Polotsk State University. Students learn to work in a team, think creatively and find unconventional solutions. Field trips and factory tours are important in facilitating the acquisition of the knowledge.

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Just getting a little practice in!

Annually students do an internship. Freshman year, there are object-oriented and survey internships. Students visit various enterprises and construction sites in Novopolotsk, get acquainted with the stages of construction of industrial and civil buildings, observe the production of some building structures.

Civil engineers must be able to read topographic maps and work with survey instruments. Students learn to complete various survey tasks when doing survey training. Students work in a team and study a piece of land.

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A technological training is held from the second year of education. Students learn to put the knowledge into practice.

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Alina Avtonenko (a 4th-year student): “The supervisor gives a certain task for us to do. First we study the topic, and then we put theory into practice and reinforce skills”.

3rd- and 4th-year students undergo an organizational training at enterprises. All these trainings help to get acquainted with profession features, health and safety requirements and job responsibilities.

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Is it difficult for girls to do a course in Civil Engineering?

A civil engineer is believed to be a male profession. Engineering specialties historically turned out to be purely a men’s occupation.

Alina Avtonenko: “As for me, I don’t see any difference between girls or boys doing this course. Coeducation makes a lot of fun. Civil engineering graduates work not only on construction sites. Most girls choose this specialty in order to become design engineers in the future. Therefore, I believe that this job is not reserved exclusively for men”.

A civil engineer: who is it a good trade for?

Without any doubt, it will be easier for technical-minded people to master this specialty. An integrated part of what civil engineers do is to calculate, make decisions, plan, make schedules and drawings. If you are good at mathematics and physics, interested in repair and construction, like drawing, creating something new and thinking outside the box, then the profession of a civil engineer is definitely for you.

Personal qualities of a civil engineer

Attentiveness, good memory, spatial and logical thinking, sociability, endurance, equability of mind, responsibility – these are all qualities that determine a good specialist and greatly help in the work.

Good and bad points of a civil engineer job

Good points:

  • relevance and great demand;
  • high demand for specialists involved in this field;
  • career opportunities;
  • high salary.

Bad points:

  • a lot of work;
  • physical and mental stress;
  • high responsibility;
  • work in different conditions.

Graduates of the Industrial and Civil Engineering Specialty can work as:

After completing the course, graduates will work as maintenance and test engineers, mechanical engineers, design engineers, civil engineers, quantity surveyors, construction and mounting foremen, research engineers, brigade-leaders, construction foremen, chief engineers.

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More information about the specialty

If exact sciences come easily to you, construction appeals to you, you have an analytical mind and spatial thinking, then #Welcome to the Industrial and Civil Engineering Specialty!

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