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We are surrounded by machines. They successfully compensate the qualities we lack. They help and, sometimes, they replace us. They accomplish the tasks that we can’t. They make our lives more comfortable and we can’t do without them as well as we can’t do without the people who project and build these machines. Here we talk about machine-building engineers.

Specialty “Engineering Technology”: what does it teach you?

Talking simply, specialty “Engineering Technology” teaches you to build the machines. Graduates become the specialists in the sphere of engineering design and machine-building mechanisms construction.

Presentation of the Diploma Paper

During the studies, students learn:

  • to develop, plan and arrange engineering processes;
  • to choose the appropriate methods of making parts;
  • to implement automatics into production process;
  • to control the correspondence of parts to technical requirements;
  • to calculate economic benefit of proposed solutions;
  • to supervise a business unit and analyze the results of its work.

“Engineering Technology” specialty gives you the basic training to learn all of this.

  • Special disciplines. The curriculum involves lots of special disciplines which help to understand the structure of machines and mechanisms and shape the education in accordance with students’ skills and wishes.

In Class

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  • Computer technology. During the learning process, we use modern hardware and software, which allow us to automate the design process.

IT Room

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  • Practice. While studying students undertake training, which allows them to dive into the profession under industrial conditions.

At the Workbench

6 reasons to enter “Engineering Technology” specialty at PSU

  • Material and technical facilities. Polotsk State University is one of the best-equipped universities in the country. “Engineering Technology” specialty has lots of machine tools, Norgau, Abris and Optis measuring systems, Jet (Switzerland) and Pegas (Czech Republic) machine tools, Siemens (Germany) machine tools with numeral control, EMCO (Austria) classroom for preparation supervisor programs with numeral control. We have our own 3D lab equipped with the modern Mojo and Mass Portal 3D printers.

3D Lab

3D Lab

3D Lab

3D Lab

  • Practice-oriented approach. Modern equipment isn’t bought for no reason, but in order to solve modern engineering tasks. Each machine tool or complex bought is actively used in teaching starting from the first year of studying. Starting from the 3rd and 4th year students are trained for the enterprises they are going to work at. As a result, graduates adapt to their work very fast. Besides, it is possible to gain the following specializations: a lathe operator, a milling-machine operator and a NC machine operator.
  • Technology park. PSU has its own technology park which closely cooperates with the Faculty of Mechanics and Technology. Students pass their practical training there, and many others even find their jobs during their studies.
  • 100 percent graduate placement. Engineering specialists are in great demand in Belarus during the last few years. The enterprises of our country are well aware of the high quality of PSU graduates’ preparation. That’s why graduates never have problems with finding the job.
  • Teachers. Highly skilled teaching personnel is required to prepare specialists demanded not only at the state enterprises but also abroad. The Department of Technology and Equipment of Machine-building Industry has been able to maintain such personnel balance for many years. 50 percent of the staff are Doctors of Sciences and PhDs, who give the fundamental knowledge and experience. Another half are young specialists, who are mobile and react fast to any changes in the economy.
  • Science. Students do a lot of scientific research on the tasks of state programs of fundamental and applied research and also in business contracts with the enterprises the Department carries out. The graduates can continue studying for a master’s degree and PhD.

Mechanical Engineers’ Conference

Today mechanical engineering is a branch with the smart machines and 3D equipment. This branch requires specialists, who think, manage and adapt rapidly to the changes in industry.

How Do I Enter Polotsk State University?
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