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To get higher education in the sphere of customs affairs is a lot easier now. You don’t even have to go to Minsk, Grodno or Gomel. Thanks to the active cooperation between PSU and Vitebsk customs office, in 2020 at the Department of Constitutional Law and Public Administration in Mezhdurechye the new specialty “Customs Affairs” will be set (specializations “Customs Activity Legal Support” and “Customs Activity Economic Support”).

In the Vitebsk region there were no higher educational institutions preparing specialists of such sphere. Now the students of secondary schools and graduates of customs classes have the opportunity to enter “Customs Affairs” at PSU and connect their lives to that specialty. Customs classes function in all the regions of Belarus and help to learn more about the profession of a customs officer.

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Special features of studying Customs Affairs at PSU:

  • studying law and economics with special attention to customs management, international trade and civil law;
  • introducing to the technical means of customs control, construction and technical documentation;
  • participation in academic mobility and international academic exchange programs;
  • learning two foreign languages and speaking practice;
  • studying in the specialized customs affairs class and meeting employees of customs agencies. This will allow students to acquire practical skills.

Elena Yarmots, the Head of the Department of Constitutional Law and Public Administration: “The Faculty of Law has been cooperating with the Vitebsk Customs Office successfully and for a very long time. The first customs class was opened in 2018 at Verkhnedvinsk Gymnasium. The decision to set the “Customs Affairs” specialty at our University is one more step of our joint work.

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We have created all the conditions for training young specialists of this specialty. The Faculty of Law has all the modern equipment – a computer class and multimedia classes, a judgment hall, a forensic laboratory, special rooms for arbitration and Students` legal support service”.

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Where can I work after graduation from PSU

Graduates can work as:

  • customs officers;
  • customs service inspectors;
  • customs managers;
  • external economic activity specialists;
  • customs shippers;
  • customs clearance specialists at customs agencies, logistics companies and other export-import organizations and etc.

If you are interested in Economics and Management, your favourite subjects at school are math and public affairs, it is easy for you to learn foreign languages and you want to develop the qualities needed for the customs profession (sociability, intuition, stress management and tolerance), then welcome to “Customs Affairs” specialty at PSU.

How Do I Enter Polotsk State University?

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