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Geodesy is a very unusual and interesting profession, but few people know who the geodesists are and what they do. No construction activity goes without them. A geodesist is a specialist determining coordinates and heights of the Earth’s surface. He is responsible for geodesic and location surveys, design work and research activity. He maintains geometrical parameters of constructions, observes construction deformation and makes reports, plans and schemes.

In this article, we would like to tell you how future geodesists are trained at PSU, what peculiarities and advantages this profession has and who should pay attention to it.

Why do students choose Geodesy?


Anton Derko (a geodesy graduate): As a child I liked drawing different sketches and maps, that’s why engineering seemed to me an interesting and promising profession. The “Geodesy” specialty is also in a great demand in different regions and countries nowadays. In the age of technology development and raising demand for engineering specialties the qualified engineers will always be in need”.

Anastasiya Vilchinskaya (a geodesy graduate): This specialty will always be demanded. Geodesists are needed everywhere: before, during and after construction of buildings and facilities, for making maps, plans and so on. As an applicant, I didn’t know much about this specialty, but I was sure that geodesists didn’t sit in one place. That was the main criterion for my choice. By the way, at that time I was charmed with the opportunity to travel sometimes. That is not a mystery that geodesists have to work in the field and change the workplace often”.

What subjects do geodesy students study at PSU, and why is it interesting to study Geodesy?

A Geodesist is a profession related to engineering. Obviously, you can’t go without knowledge of physics and mathematics. Students learn such important subjects as engineering and professional geodesy, topographical drawing and computer graphics, geodetic instruments, differential geometry and theory of surfaces, topography, introduction to engineering investigation, construction technology, numerical mathematics, geoinformation systems and many others.

geodesy students at PSU

studying at Geodesy

Svetlana Baikova (a geodesy graduate): In my opinion, a great advantage of studying Geodesy is a large number of practical knowledge, which means working in a crew and the possibility of acquiring the skills needed. Classes are very interesting as we learn to work with the equipment such as a total station, GPS or quadcopter.

Professional surveyor

#study at GEO at PSU

The professors are wonderful. They not only give us the knowledge, but also share their experience. Each of them has many funny stories connected to their jobs in geodesy sphere. Many of them have been to Siberia even. They are always ready to help, and sometimes it is just interesting to talk to them”.

Knowledge to the masses

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A theodolite, optical level, total station, GPS … You can hardly understand what these words mean if you are not into geodesy. But this is not about the Geodesy students. Each year they pass their practical training where they learn to work with the specialized equipment and improve their skills.

Medalists of the Republican professional skill contest

Svetlana B.: We always have a very interesting practice. Firstly, we work outdoors in the field. Secondly, each practice is special. At first, we learn how to work with equipment, than we have adjustment or topographic drafting. In our 4th year at the university, we had manufacturing training: each student passes it at an enterprise in one of the Belarusian cities”.

Practical lessons

Work with devices

Field Geodesist

Anton D.: We pass our practice in towns, fields and into forests. We have been at all sorts of places. I remember training at the scientific PSU base near the Chyornoe Lake in our 2nd and 3rd years of studies. We have been in unusual conditions: we lived in wooden houses, swam in the lake, every evening we gathered around the bonfire and looked at the stars and shared stories at night. We learnt to lay levelling lines and did an as-built survey. It seemed as a small adventure”.

The educational and scientific base of PSU

Who chooses Geodesy and Geoinformation?


Anton D.: University helps to develop analytical skills anyway. To my mind, this specialty would be hard for humanitarians, as it requires deep knowledge in the sphere of maths and physics. Geodesy is for people having good mathematical abilities and who are into algebra, geometry and engineering”.

Who chooses Geodesy and Geoinformation?

5 reasons to study Geodesy:

  • This profession is in demand in the labour market.
  • Working outdoors, flexible hours and travelling as geodesists never sit in one place.
  • High salaries.
  • Career growth.
  • Variety of working places. Geodesists can work in state and private organizations.

Geodesy graduates, working on their specialty now, shared their experience and said a few words about job benefits and job duties.


Yuliya Pakhirko:I work at LLC “Minskpromstroi”. The job is interesting, but a little bit hard for a girl. My responsibilities are engineering-geodetic works, as-built surveys and working with AutoCAD (Computer-aided design system). I’m satisfied with my choice as I always have a job”.

Konstantsiya Leshchenko:I work at building and installation group № 16 in Novopolotsk. After everything was signed, I was given the equipment, a hard hat, and everything necessary. I deal with house building and go from one object to another. I’ve never wanted to work with the documentation in an office. That’s why it feels right to me. I spend the whole day in the fresh air. I talk to assemblers, masters, but if necessary I can do the laying by myself”.

A geodesist: who is it a good trade for?

A geodesist is a person who can help others to stimulate spatial awareness. He/she can do measurements on the Earth’s surface with the help of different geodesic equipment, knows how to use modern technology creates and manages geospatial databases, works in the field, makes quick professional decisions and does mathematical processing of the measuring results in different programs. A geodesist provides building process and all the branches of economy with coordinates, topographic plans, maps, as well as monitors compliance with the right geometrical shapes of building objects.

geodesists in practice

Personal qualities of a geodesist:

  • Attentiveness.
  • Being a hard worker.
  • Endurance.
  • Obedience, can-do spirit, responsibility and ability to learn how to use modern tech all the time.
  • Analytical thinking and mathematical skills.

If it is easy for you to learn STEM subjects, IT, you are interested in measurement equipment, if you like travelling, want to understand the world surrounding us with all its inter-disciplinary connections, and you are not afraid of difficulties, then
#Welcome_to_PSU to the Geodesy specialty..

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