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Each year on the 1st of September PSU opens its doors to new talented students. They are full of enthusiasm to dive into the atmosphere of student life.

Since the very morning, students and deans met the freshmen at the official meeting. Formality changed to a friendly and warm atmosphere. The students were handed their student ID cards and record books. Mentors and teachers told the newcomers about all the difficulties and charms of being a student while the new students got to know and cheered up each other.
Official Meetings for 1st-year Students

Getting First ID Cards and Record Books

Day of Knowledge 2020: Mentors and Students

At 11 a.m. the assembly hall was open for the students of the Faculties of Civil Engineering, Computer Science and Electronics, Mechanics and Technology, Finance and Economics, and at 1 p.m. for the students of Humanities, Law, and Information Technologies. Graduate Valentin Yatskovsky and 2nd-year student Ruslan Morzhevsky were the hosts of the Student Initiation ceremony.

Valentin Yatskovsky and Ruslan Morzhevsky, the Hosts of the Ceremony

The special honour to carry the flag of the University was given to Kirill Romanov, a 5th-year student of the Faculty of Civil Engineering, and the participant of the international occupation project “Atlant-2020”.

Kirill Romanov Carrying the Flag of the University

University Rector, Full Professor, and Doctor of Engineering Dmitry Lazovsky and Doctor of Economics, Professor, and First Vice-Rector of Polotsk State University Svetlana Vegera cheered the newcomers with their sincere welcoming words.

University Rector Dmitry Lazovsky

First Vice-Rector Svetlana Vegera

The honoured guests of the event, Vice-Chairman of Novopolotsk City Executive Committee Andrey Odinochkin and Chairman of Novopolotsk City Board of Deputies Oleg Buevich advised the freshmen not to give up and always follow their dreams.

Vice-Chairman of Novopolotsk City Executive Committee Andrey Odinochkin

Chairman of Novopolotsk City Board of Deputies Oleg Buevich

The University honours the traditions, that’s why, the same way as always, the Rector passed the symbolic Key of Knowledge to Elena Bobrova, a 1st-year student of the Faculty of Finance and Economics. Erica Konyukhova, a student of the Faculty of Information Technologies, a finalist of the republican contest “Student of the Year 2019”, handed the Fire of Knowledge to Maksim Belousov, a 1st-year student of the Faculty of Information Technologies.

The Key of Knowledge

The Fire of Knowledge

The 1st-year students together with the hosts of the ceremony and the participants of the event pronounced the words of the oath. After that, everybody listened to the students’ hymn “Gaudeamus” and to the hymn of PSU.

The Oath

The Oath

Erica Konyukhova together with Johny Mutombo, a Master student of the Faculty of Law and the owner of the Grand Prix of the international vocal contest “Music of your soul” opened the concert.

Erica Konyukhova

The 1st-year Students at the Ceremony

Johny Mutombo

After the performance, Vice-Rector for Educational Affairs Pavel Kovalenko handled the Grand Prix owner the precious award.

Johny Mutombo is Being Awarded

The calm atmosphere changed to the bright and vivid one thanks to the dancing performances of DanceMix and TORYDANCE studios.



The INVENTA Choir Studio impressed everybody and shared their positive energy with everybody in the hall.

INVENTA Choir Studio

Student of the Faculty of Information Technologies, winner of the nomination “Talent of the year 2020” from the Democratic Republic of the Congo Semira Goncho impressed everybody with her energetic dance.

Semira Goncho

Anastasiya Ivanova, a student of the Faculty of Law, sang a patriotic song “Fly after me”.

Anastasiya Ivanova

Sergei Svirsky pumped up the crowd by his outstanding beatbox performance.

Sergei Svirsky

The MIRACLE band with their song “We were taught to be birds” dispelled the sadness caused by the upcoming ending of the event.


We decided to ask our beloved students about their impressions of the first gala day.

Antonina Malei, 1st year, Faculty of Finance and Economics, Electronic Marketing: “The atmosphere in the University is amazing. The concert was wonderful, full of friendliness and sincerity”.

Polina Lesnichyova, 1st year, Faculty of Law, Jurisprudence: “To be honest, that was really astonishing, the concert was amazing! I think many other universities can be really envious of such an event and of such participants in particular. I’m extremely happy about choosing PSU”.

Konstantin Khona, 1st year, Faculty of Civil Engineering, Water Supply, Water Disposal Systems and Water Conservation: “Everything was performed on a really high level, I liked it. Got a lot of emotions and positive energy of the University”.

Nikita Dyatlov, 1st year, Faculty of Law, Jurisprudence: “The performances were great, the one I remembered the most was the one with the girls wearing dinner jackets. Glad to watch the results of great work, well done!”

PSU wishes the students to have the most remarkable, bright and amazing student years.

The Participants of the Event

Way to go, dear newcomers!

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