Полоцкий государственный университет


“Welcome to Belarus!”, “Welcome to Polotsk State University!” these are words international listeners of the Preparatory Department of Polotsk State University hear when coming to our country for study.

Getting from the airport to the university is not difficult when you come along with specialists of the Centre for Teaching Foreign Citizens. No transport issues. The university bus allows students to get to the PSU campuses and dormitories quickly and efficiently. Mentors help you adapt to new living conditions, new language environment, learn more about the university infrastructure.

At the beginning of this academic year, citizens of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Cameroon, Lebanon and Turkey were given a tour around the university campuses in Polotsk and Mezhdurechye.

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The acquaintance with the rich culture and ancient history of the university started with visiting Polotsk College. An experienced guide of the PSU Tourism Centre made it possible for them to move into the past. The VR laboratory of the Faculty of Information Technologies made this travel through time more realistic.

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The modern university building in Mezhdurechye was the next destination. This building has unique design characteristics. Vice-Dean of the Law Faculty Alexey Radyuk gave a tour around the “Lawyers City” at PSU.

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International listeners of the Preparatory Department have just started learning Russian, and communication is still a rather difficult task. That’s why lecturer Elena Semchenko conducted the tour in French.

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Elena Kolesova, a lecturer of the Preparatory Department, a mentor: “We’re sure our listeners will successfully adapt to a new environment, and Polotsk State University will be happy to help them!”

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Welcome to Polotsk State University!

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