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On October 15, 2020, an exciting and long-expected event was held on the stage of Polotsk State University once again. At 4:00 p.m. the spectators saw the participants of the first stage of the republican contest “Student of the Year 2020”.

Being overwhelmed with emotions, excitement, favourite participants and the just jury, the most unusual and shocking performances – these are the moments the students and teachers postpone their business for. They bring posters and wave with the flags of the faculties, the most incredible and the warmest words of support cheering up the participants are heard from the hall.

The Spectators

A Cheerleading Squad

Of course, you can’t forget that “Student of the Year 2020” is a contest, that’s why the chosen jury was unprejudiced:

  • Pavel Kovalenko – chairman of judges, PhD in Engineering, Associate Professor, Vice-Rector for Educational Affairs;
  • Aleksander Prokhorov – first secretary of Novopolotsk City Committee of Belarusian Republican Youth Union;
  • Svetlana Volochnik – chairwoman of PSU Trade Union Committee;
  • Maxim Moshtyl – head of “Myata-Lounge” franchise, sponsor of “Student of the Year” contest;
  • Mariya Savchenko – PR and Communication specialist at “a1qa” company, prize winner of the republican stage of the contest “Student of the Year 2018”.

Time limit is necessary for all the participants to be able to introduce themselves and to show their best performances. This year the responsible for the time keeping were:

  1. Marina Grizhnevich, a specialist at the Department of Educational Work;
  2. Alina Avtonenko, a secretary at the primary organization of Belarusian Republican Youth Union at PSU.

The Jury

Chairman of Novopolotsk City Board of Deputies Oleg Buevich and Vice-Chairman of Novopolotsk City Executive Committee Sergey Semyonychev were the honoured guests at the annual contest “Student of the Year 2020”.

den studenta 2020 44

PSU together with Belarusian Republican Youth Union hosted the event.

All the participants were awarded unique prizes and certificates thanks to our sponsors.

Get acquainted with the stars of the event:

Our stars

Elena Pokatova

Sergey Svirsky

Yuliya Nikiforenko

Valeriya Savelyeva

Aleksander Kozlov

Daniil Sytsevich

Anastasiya Ivanova

Margarita Tolmach

Doctor of Economics, Professor, and First Vice-Rector of Polotsk State University Svetlana Vegera cheered the participants with her warm parting words.

Svetlana Vegera

Traditionally the contest comprised such difficult but exciting parts as “I am a student” presentation, rhetoric competition “#inProfession”, intellectual and art competitions.

den studenta 2020 10

den studenta 2020 11

den studenta 2020 12

den studenta 2020 34

den studenta 2020 35

den studenta 2020 36

den studenta 2020 37

den studenta 2020 13

During the whole concert no spectators kept silence but cheered their groupmates emotionally, they applauded loudly and sang faculty chants all together.

den studenta 2020 43

When the final part of the contest was over, the judges retired to discuss the final decision.

Those who shared the friendly and cheerful atmosphere with the others were: Marina Belousova (Faculty of Finance and Economics), Anna Chupakhina (Faculty of Finance and Economics), “DanceMix” dancing studio together with Ruslan Avilin, “TORYDANCE” contemporary dance studio, Erica Konyukhova (Faculty of Information Technologies), Johny Mutombo (Faculty of Law), Semira Goncho (Faculty of Information Technologies).

Marina Belousova


Anna Chupakhina

“DanceMix” & Ruslan Avilin

Erica Konyukhova

Semira Goncho

Vivid performances were followed by an awards ceremony.

Awards Ceremony

Aleksander Kozlov (Faculty of Humanities) became the winner of the first stage of the contest.

Aleksander Kozlov, the winner of the first stage of the contest

Daniil Sytsevich (Faculty of Information Technologies) was awarded the 2nd degree Diploma.

Daniil Sytsevich - the 2nd degree Diploma

Sergey Svirsky (Faculty of Law) was awarded the 3rd degree Diploma.

The winner of the online-contest “Student of the Year 2020”

Daniil Sytsevich will stand for PSU at the regional stage of the contest and compete for “Student of the Year 2020” award.

den studenta 2020 30

The Winners

Good luck!

More photos

Darya Stepanova
Photos by Polina Kosarevskaya