Полоцкий государственный университет


On October 14, the meeting of the Russian Speaking Club “GURU” was held for the first time this academic year. On this day, people in Belarus celebrate the holiday of Mother’s Day. That’s why the topic for discussion was Family. The word Family is familiar to everyone since being a child. A family goes beyond a mom, dad, child, sister and brother. A family is a community as well. Each of us is a member of a friendly student family! Participants of the voluntary movement “My Belarusian Guide” hope that each event held for international students will make PSU family more diverse and more numerous.

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Before the event started, the students had been divided into three groups and received family role play cards. The main purpose of the event was to increase students’ vocabulary while communicating.

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The atmosphere was warm and friendly, especially after the participants got to know each other. They learned a lot about their new friends, families, and of course about their mothers. They did their best at finding as many adjectives describing their moms as they could.

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The most fun and memorable task was to stage The Gigantic Turnip, a famous Russian fairy-tale. The participants outlined roles, and the speaking club turned into the real theatre.

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The most complicated task was Word Family Puzzles. Using a family vocabulary word list, the students were to come up with a fascinating story. Despite any difficulties, all the students succeeded and spent this autumn evening with fun.

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We invite everyone to become a member of our international family and make Polotsk State University comfortable for everyone!

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Vlada Pakhomenko
Photos by Yulia Vinogradova