Полоцкий государственный университет


On March, 24-25, the open lectures of Andrey Tsvetkov, a candidate of psychological science, a principal officer of clinical psychology department of Moscow Research and Practical Centre for Narcology of the Department of Public Health, an officer of the department of psychological and neuropsychological rehabilitation of Moscow Psychological and Social Institute took place at Polotsk State University.

Andrey Vladimirovich gave a masterclass «Neuropsychology in education» for lecturers of the department of technology and methods of teaching, for staff of social-pedagogic and psychological service of PSU and discussed the opportunities of further collaboration with Belorusian colleagues.

Andrey Tsvetkov

The masterclass for lectures of PSU

A.S. Tsvetkov is the author of more than 150 scientific research in the field of neuropsychology and psychology of personality, 11 monographs including: «Grim humour against terrorism», «Heroin drug addiction: disorders of consciousness and cognitive processes», «The methods of associative personality diagnostics and cognitive processes».

Andrey Tsvetkov’s scientific research

The scientific research in the field of neuropsychology and psychology

Andrey Tsvetkov agreed to tell us about the purpose of his visit to PSU and shared his impressions about being here:

The open lectures and the masterclass

«I was invited to talk about modern neuropsychology with students and lecturers of Polotsk State University. Nowadays, neuroscience is actively developing all over the world, but countries of former Soviet Union, that were pioneers in this field, lose their positions because there are too many educational establishments but only few specialists. My aim is to tell what is happening in this field now. It will be great if I can awake students’ interest.

The masterclass «Neuropsychology in education»

Speaking about the perspectives of collaboration with Polotsk State University, it would be great to make interstate scientific research. We collaborate with Kazakhstan, for example, in such a way.

Andrey Tsvetkov

Polotsk State University is really impressive! First, this is the design of lecture rooms, the equipment. It’s quite a European educational establishment. Second, I’m amazed by the students, because they are interested in their future profession. They are more mature personalities in comparison with students in Moscow or St. Petersburg».

The students of Polotsk State University