Полоцкий государственный университет


Polotsk State University consists of a number of unique buildings having their own features.

The Faculty of Law is situated in the new campus in Mezhdurechye, which was opened in February 2016.

Campus in Mezhdurechye

Material and technical basis of the Faculty of Law

Students at the specialty “Science of Law”

There are more than 20 new classrooms, departmental rooms, computer classes, the assembly hall, the university Scientific Library and an educational room and conference halls.

Modern computer classes

New classrooms

The Conference Hall

Library and a room of legal information

Ceremony of handing over the campuses in Mezhdurechye

The best conditions are created for the students specializing in “Law” to improve the specialists training, to develop priority research areas and all the necessary skills.

Interior design in the campus in Mezhdurechye

Multimedia classrom

The Faculty of Law has a unique courtroom that no other Belarusian university has. Besides, the Faculty of Law has a forensic laboratory, special rooms for arbitration court and Students` legal support service.

Forensic laboratory

The new courtroom allows to provide training and real criminal, civil, economic and other proceedings by general courts. There are special places for the court members, a consultation room, an isolated room to provide affiant’s anonymity, the places for the parties to a case and other parties to conduct mobile courts, computers with access to the Internet and to the legal base, the videoconferencing system to conduct court sessions with the courts of the Republic of Belarus. This helps to cooperate with the Vitebsk region courts.

New courtroom

Isolated witness room

Besides, perfect conditions are created for sports: a large sports hall, a hall for ping-pong, gyms, a sports hall for combat sports and outdoor sports grounds for mini-football and court tennis.


Much attention is paid to the culture cultivation and aesthetic taste of students through the modern interior design, art expositions, zones for creative work and cultural events.

Comfortable socialization zones

Art Expositions

Coffee shop

Interior design