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Folk club «Varhan» (Zaslawl, 2015)

Folk club «Varhan» (Zaslawl, 2015)
From left to right: Yana Hramcova, Natallia Shypila, Maja Klios, Kastus Putronak, Hanna Lutava, Kseniya Hlot, Volha Emeljanchyk, Antanina Emeljanchyk, Aliona Izerhina

The folk club «Varhan» was created at the Faculty of History and Philology of Polotsk State University in 2011. The club offers all styles of the Belarusian traditional music including kaliady (annual celebration song commemorating the birth of Jesus), family and ceremony, lyrical songs. «Varhan» travels all across Belarus. The Belarusian Padzvinnie song material, having obtained during the ethnographic research, takes a special place in the folk club performance.

«Varhan» lead singer Hanna Lutava

Shcharbakova Alimpiyada Mihailauna, the grandmother of «Varhan» lead singer Hanna Lutava,
shares her experience of singing and dancing (Shastova, Polotsk region)

Since 2014 the folk club members Hanna Lutava and Kseniya Hlot teach traditional dancing. All wishing are welcomed! The meetings are accompanied by violin, tambourine and accordion live music.

Dancing masterclass

Dancing masterclass

«Varhan» instrumental band

«Varhan» instrumental band.
From left to right: Yana Hramcova, Kastus Putronak, Antanina Emeljanchyk, Illia Ahievich

«Varhan» participates in numerous social and cultural events at Polotsk State University. It has become a tradition to celebrate «Maslenica» (also known as Pancake Week or Butter Week) and «Hukannie viasny» (Belarusian spring welcoming tradition).

«Kaliady» at University

«Kaliady» at Polotsk State University

«Varhan» actively collaborates with Museum of Traditional Manual Weaving of Paazerye (Polotsk National Historical and Cultural Museum-Reserve) and annually presents their performances there.

«Hukannie viasny»

«Hukannie viasny», Museum of Traditional Manual Weaving of Paazerje

The year of 2015 was remarkably eventful. In April «Varhan» was invited to participate in the International Ethnocultural Festival «Belarusian music culture within variety of soundscapes» at Belarusian State Academy of Music. The folk club was regarded as a group of young people promoting Belarusian traditional music and authentic performance style revival.

«Varhan», Belarusian State Academy of Music.
The song «Масляная, вот я йду»

Kastus Putronak and Hanna Lutava performing the song «Што й з-пад горкі»

In September 2015 the folk club «Varhan» participated in VI International folk festival «Kamianica – 2015». It is an open air festival which is hosted in Belarusian State Museum of Folk Architecture and Rural Lifestyle in Minsk. Such renowned bands as: «Stary Olsa» (Belarus), «Altanka» (Belarus), «Jahorava hara» (Belarus), «Znich» (Belarus), «Trad Attack! » (Estonia) and «Dzikie Jabłka» (Poland) were invited.

«Varhan», «Kamianica –2015»

«Varhan», «Kamianica –2015»

The folk club also attends different international festivals. For instance, in April 2015 «Varhan» took part in III International students` art festival «Hospitable nation» being organized by Moscow Regional Humanities Institute (Orekhovo-Zuyevo, Russia). In October 2015 the club presented their program at V National folk culture «Belarusian fair in Daugavpils» (Daugavpils, Latvia).

«Varhan», «Belarusian fair in Daugavpils»

«Varhan», «Belarusian fair in Daugavpils»

Nowadays the folk club «Varhan» provides unique and creative perfor-mances devoted to Belarusian traditional culture. The club members from the Department of Humanities hold daily rehearsals and masterclasses. Besides, some outrageous national and international bands are invited too.

We welcome everyone wishing to master Belarusian singing and dancing:

  • Signing lessons, every Thursday at 5 pm, Room 310 (A), Polotsk State University (Polotsk)
  • Traditional dancing lessons, every Saturday, Disco room (sports building), Polotsk State University (Polotsk)

Follow our website https://vk.com/club79803023