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Foreign students study at Polotsk State University

Undergraduate curriculum

Academic sphere Subjects Hours
1. Humanitarian Russian language 840
Russian literature 108
Countrystudies 108
Informatics 72
2. Economic Russian language 840
Economics 108
Mathematics 108
Informatics 72
3. Technical Russian language 840
Mathematics 72
Physics 72
Chemistry 72
Informatics 72


1. Bachelor's degree

Here you can find specialities 2012 >>

1 Applied Psychology. Foreign Language
2 Architecture
3 Business accounting, analysis, and audit
4 Chemical Technology of Natural Energy Sources and Carbon Materials
5 Civil and Industrial Engineering
6 Computer Security (Mathematical Techniques and Program Systems)
7 Computers, systems, and wires
9 Design, Assembling, and Exploitation of Gas and Oil Pipelines, and Gas and Oil Storages
10 Economics and Business Administration
11 English and Belarusian Languages and Literature
12 English and French Languages
13 English and German Languages
14 Equipment and Technology of Welding Production
15 Equipment for the Chemical Industry and Enterprises of Construction Materials
16 Expertise and Real Estate Management
17 Finances and Credit
18 French and English Languages
19 Geodesy
20 Georgaphy (Geographic Information Systems)
21 German and English Languages
22 Heat and Gas Supply, Ventilation and Air Protection
23 History
24 Industrial Electronics
25 Jurisprudence
26 Logistics
27 Management
28 Modelling and Computer Design of Radio-electronic Devices
29 Motor Roads
30 Physical Training
31 Power Supply
32 Preschool Education. The English Language – NEW SPECIALITY
33 Radio Engineering
34 Roman and German philology (English philology)
35 Roman and German philology (French philology)
36 Roman and German philology (German philology)
37 Software Support of Information Technologies
38 Technical exploitation of automobiles
39 Technological Equipment in the Machine-building Industry
40 Technology of Machine Building
41 Technology. Informatics
42 Technology. Physics
43 Tourism and Hospitality
44 Transport Engineering
45 Water Supply, Water Utilization and Water Resources Protection.

2. Master’s degree

Here you can find programs for master’s level studies.

MA course programms >>

The University offers 21 Master’s programmes in different fields:

  • Theory and methods of teaching foreign languages;
  • Theory and methods of physical education and sport training;
  • World literature;
  • History of Belarus;
  • Law;
  • Finances, money circulation and loan;
  • Economics and management of the national economy;
  • Accounting, statistics
  • Electrophysics, electrophysical installations;
  • Machine-building;
  • Processing of constructional materials in machine-building;
  • Processes and devices in chemical technologies;
  • Engineering geometry and computer graphics;
  • Mathematic modelling, numerical methods and programme systems;
  • Systems, networks and telecommunication devices;
  • Chemical technology of fuels and high-energy substances;
  • Mining and gas and oil producing geology, geophysics, mine surveying, subsoil geometry, geodesy;
  • Labour safety;
  • Engineering and construction;
  • Construction and maintenance of oil and gas pipelines, bases and storages;
  • Methods and systems of information protection, iformational safety.

3. PhD degree

There is also a wide choice of postgraduate programmes at the University leading to a PhD (Candidate of Science) Degree >>

  • Logic theory, algebra and number theory;
  • Electrophysics, electrophysical installations;
  • Materials science in machine-building;
  • Machine studies, drive systems and machinery;
  • Mechanical engineering;
  • Technology and tools for mechanical, physical and technical processing;
  • Automatisation and management of technological processes and industry;
  • Chemical engineering;
  • Processes and chemical engineering devices;
  • Building constructions;
  • Heat supply, ventilation, air-conditioning, gas supply and electricity;
  • Technology and civil engineering management;
  • Vacuum and plasma electronics;
  • Labour safety;
  • Economics and management of the national economy;
  • World literature;
  • Construction and maintenance of oil and gas pipelines, bases and storages;
  • Geodesy.

4. Scientific training on the basis of Master’s degree

People with Bachelor’s degree can have a scientific training in different academic spheres at PSU. Training includes attending of lectures and seminars on the chosen specialty, consulting with the supervisor, work in laboratories, the library or archive.

This form of studies helps to improve scientific research, collect empirical material, get additional experience and knowledge, necessary for the work on the thesis.

The minimum term of scientific training - 3 months. The cost of scientific training: 300$ per month.

Along with the documents required for acceptance to the University for scientific training candidate should provide a "scientific project" (up to 3 pages), which specifies the purpose of training and subject matter of the research.

The procedure of acceptance

1. Receiving an invitation to study

To get an invitation to study at the University all applicants are to present the following documents:

  • Filled in application form;
  • Recommendation in Russian or English language from 2 teachers from high school, college, university or place of work;
  • A motivation paper;
  • Health certificate issued by an official health authority in the applicant’s country of residence;
  • Notarized copies of education certificates with the application of studied subjects and notes / scores (a high school diploma / diploma from high school, and application)
  • Copy of passport, valid through the whole term of studies ;
  • 6 photos (size 3,5x4,5).

2. Language of papers

All papers in foreign languages should have a notarized translation in Russian/Belarusian or English language.

3. Sending of papers

All the documents are sent to the University by post with mark “Application for study”. Documents sent by fax are not considered.

4. Adress

PSU International Office, 29 Blokhin St., 211440 Novopolotsk, Belarus

5. Application deadline

A complete set of documents (see above) for all levels of training must be received in Polotsk State University before July 01, by mail or e-mail!

Programme Acceptance
Preeducational course September 01
Bachelor's degree September 01
Master’s degree December 31
PhD degree December 31


6. Examination

International Office and all the Deans examine received documents and assess candidates possibility to study at PSU. If International Relations Office decided to accept a candidate they send an official invitation to the candidate necessary for studies to get a student visa in the consulate of the Republic of Belarus at the place of residence of the candidate.

7. Admission to the University

Admission of foreign students to PSU is organized by International Office. Foreign students arrived to study at PSU give following docoments to International Office:

  • Application addressed to the rector for admission, indicating a degree;
  • Education certificates with the application of studied subjects and notes / scores (a high school diploma / diploma from high school, and application)
  • Health certificate issued by an official health authority in the applicant’s country of residence;
  • Passport with a student visa for Belarus

On the basis of entered documents terms of testing are set. The testing includes:

  • assessment of knowledge of Russian language;
  • assessment of knowledge of specialty subjects.

According to the results of testing the selection committee gives a conclusion on the possibility of learning a foreign citizen at the university.

After passing the test a contract for training is made. Tuition is made at the bank, afterwards a special receipt issued. After the presentation of the receipt an order is issued to enroll the candidate, he is given a student card and can begin classes.

8. Residence of foreign citizens in Belarus

All foreign citizens residing on the territory of the Republic of Belarus are required to have a temporary registration. A temporary registration in the internal affairs of the Republic of Belarus is made by staff of the Division of International Relations. Temporary registration is issued for a fee.

To obtain a temporary registration a foreign citizen must undergo a medical examination in the health center at PSU, where the physical condition of the foreign citizen and his ability to be trained in the climatic conditions of Belarus are examined. According to the results of medical examination certificate is issued. Medical examinations carried out on the basis of fee.

Also, a foreign student must gain medical insurance policy.

Registration is issued within 3 working days. During the time of registration a registration certificate is given to a foreign student.

If a foreign student wants to leave the Republic of Belarus for the holidays "visa for the holidays" is made. After graduating from University a foreign student receives a "visa to travel." "Visa for the holidays" and "visa to travel" are issued for a fee.

Administration costs

Temporary registration on the period of residence 35 $ USA
Medical insurance for 1 year 85 ?
Visa for the holidays 35 $ USA
Visa to travel 25 $ USA

All international students are provided with hall of residence. The cost of living is 10 $ USA per month.

Medical care of foreign citizens

According to the laws of the Republic of Belarus, all foreign citizens, temporarily residing on the territory of the Republic of Belarus are required to have medical insurance. The health insurance system allows foreigners to obtain any medical care in the Republic of Belarus, except for dental services.

Foreign students should make a health insurance for the entire period of residence in Belarus. You can purchase an insurance policy in the Department of International Relations at PSU. Here you can find insurance price rate.

Period of insurance (day)

Premium (EURO)