Полоцкий государственный университет


The Preparatory Section is aimed at training foreign students before entering the university. Students begin to study as soon as they arrive, but no later than November the 15th.

Period of studying: 10 months – from September the 1st till June the 30th.

The tuition fee: from 1850 US dollars.

Section of Humanities

  • Russian language (840 hours)
  • Russian literature (108 hours)
  • Country-specific studies (108 hours)
  • Informatics (72 hours)

Section of Economics 

  • Russian language (840 hours)
  • Economics (108 hours)
  • Mathematics (108 hours)
  • Informatics (72 hours)

Section of Engineering 

  • Russian language (840 hours)
  • Mathematics (72 hours)
  • Physics (72 hours)
  • Chemistry (72 hours)
  • Informatics (72 hours)

After finishing the studies students pass the exams which define the level of proficiency in Russian language. Those who successfully pass through the program and the exams are given the certificate that allows them to go on studying at higher educational establishments of the Republic of Belarus, Ukraine and Russian Federation.