Полоцкий государственный университет


1. PSU is a leading university in Vitebsk region.

Our university is the only university of the Republic of Belarus which carries out studying at the prestigious programmes «Design, Assembling and Exploitation of Gas and Oil Pipelines and Gas and Oil Storages» and «Chemical Technology of Natural Energy Sources and Carbon Materials».

PSU also prepare specialists in a rare direction for our country – «Equipment for the Chemical Industry and Enterprises of Construction Materials», «Geodesy».

PSU is a wide range of prestigious and relevant study programmes for the following industrial branches:

  • construction,
  • machine-building,
  • chemical and technological,
  • radio engineering,
  • energy,

and different spheres of society life:

  • information,
  • financial,
  • law,
  • education, sport and tourism,
  • culture and art.

2. PSU is a possibility to enter with a scholarship at the alternative study programmes using automated admission system

In 2017 the full-time study form includes 575 budget places. You can select several study programmes inside university within a selected group. It will enhance your chances of success!

3. PSU is a high quality of education

PSU is a classical traditional education and modern study technologies.

  • At PSU there are more than 120 multimedia rooms and 30 computer and language classes, media centre.
  • E-library.
  • Teacher resource books and electronic facilities for study process.
  • Possibility to study foreign languages.
  • Possibility for internships abroad, participation in student exchange programmes.

4. PSU gives you social guarantees

  • Accommodation: 100% of first-year students can live in a dormitory.
  • Discount system for tuition fees.
  • Participation in a discount programme of Student trade union.

5. PSU is a leader of the student labour detachment activity in the Republic of Belarus

Working in student labour detachments you can earn money for paying annual tuition fee.

6. PSU is a successful job placement and a perspective for further career

  • 100% job placement of graduates getting scholarship.
  • Possibility to choose a promising place of work.

7. PSU is a possibility of post graduate education

Master study includes 23 study programmes which are divided into 6 science branches: technical, economic, historical, philological, pedagogic, law.

Postgraduate study contains 22 study programmes which are divided into 5 science branches: physical and mathematical, technical, economic, philological and sciences about the Earth.

8. PSU is a care about you

  • 4 dining halls, 6 lunchrooms, 2 cafeterias;
  • PSU is a place of a healthy lifestyle: active participation in events for healthy lifestyle formation and bad habits prevention;
  • Modern campuses equipped with recreation areas where you can have a cup of tea or coffee, watch student life news and talk with your friends;
  • Social and psychological service will help to come over social and psychological problems;
  • Modern game halls, gyms, sports complexes and grounds, aerobics.

9. PSU is a way for self-fulfillment of your research, creative, organizational and sports abilities

  • More than 20 student creative groups and services;
  • More than 50 sports sections and groups of sports development;
  • All facilities for the participation in scientific student conferences and publication of scientific papers in PSU Young Researchers collection;
  • Possibility to get journalist’s skills taking part in a student video studio «Konspekt» and a student newspaper «Nastezh».

10. PSU is a bright and exciting student life

  • Faculty days,
  • First-year students’ Debut,
  • Sports competitions,
  • Hikes,
  • KVN,
  • Contests, concerts, theatre performances.