Полоцкий государственный университет


Dear NPI-PSU graduates,

Your inspiration and talent, knowledge and professionalism, diligence and decency contribute to the development and prosperity of hundreds of factories and companies, educational and academic institutions, government and administrative bodies both in Belarus and abroad.

Today you have an opportunity not only to feel the eternal fraternity bond and a strong corporate spirit of Polotsk State University, but also to use your creativity, intellectual potential and organizational skills in order to make our university more beautiful, “cleverer”, better!

Your Alma Mater is going to celebrate a significant event – 50th Anniversary from the day of its establishing.

Having passed the way from Novopolotsk branch of BPI (1968), BTI (1969) to an independent Novopolotsk Polytechnical Institute (1974) and then Polotsk State University (1993), today PSU is a modern, dynamically developing classic university. You – our graduates – are the main achievement.

If you wish to join the Association of NPI-PSU Alumni, please, fill in the registration form, indicating the year of graduation and study programme, your professional achievements, current status and contact information.

This information is required for make it possible:

  • To organize alumni meetings;
  • To invite you to conferences, seminars, faculty days and other university events;
  • To keep you informed about what is happening at the university;
  • To find out the events you are most interested in and your ideas for Association work.

Join the Association of NPI-PSU Alumni!

Organizing committee


Further details are available at association’s organizing committee: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.