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Nastezh – News about student life

The newspaper for those who connected with Polotsk State University

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What is «Nastezh»?

The newspaper «Nastezh» is meant for everyone who connected with PSU. Here you can find our reports about various events at the University and elsewhere. It’s a youth’s life, science, poetry, humour.

The student newspaper «Nastezh» has been published since 1995. For these years it has gained priceless experience and hasn’t lost its mission – to tell students about bad and good, events at the University, because Nastezh is focused on news about student life.

Where can you find «Nastezh»?

Twice a month all student and the academic staff of the University can find new editions of «Nastezh» in the halls of the old and new campuses, at the library, dormitories or dean’s offices.

Who prepares «Nastezh»?

For 23 years the newspaper has changed its heads (2001-2005 – Yury Pavlyuk and Dmitry Soroka, 2005-2006 – Maksim Ryskov, 2006-2009 – Ekaterina Ezheleva) and editorial staff.

Editorial staff:

Olga Kameko

Head –
Olga Kameko

Tel. +375 33 647-03-49

Mariya Tomashevskaya

Editor –
Mariya Tomashevskaya,

Student at the Faculty of Finance and Economics,

Tel. +375 29 965-43-45

Artem Karnatsky

Technical editor –
Artem Karnatsky,

Student at the Faculty of Radio Engineering