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About club

The «Kub`ON» was founded in 2016 under Belarusian Republican Youth Association at Polotsk State University.

Speed cubing is the activity of solving a Rubik`s Cube and variety of other twisty puzzles as quick as possible. Speed cubing competitions have been held on both domestic and international levels. Speed cubing evokes widespread international interest therefore uniting people from different countries. Besides, the World and European Championships have been hosted too. Those are championships where the competitors are to solve 18 puzzle variations starting with the standard 3x3 size up to 7x7 also being ready to deal with other non-cubic activities.

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The speed cubing club «Kub`ON» in collaboration with Belarusian Republican Youth Association have organized two open championships where speed cubers from Belarus and Russia participated. Nine national and two world records have been set. One of the world records has been set by Vladislav Ushakov. He is a student at Polotsk State University. Vladislav Ushakov was the first in «Solving Rubik`s Cube in fewest moves» activity, he managed to do that in 19 moves (which is naturally the world record!).

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Furthermore, the «Kub`ON» has been providing numerous master classes for the University students and everyone wishing to attend. The «Kub`ON» members introduced their club activity during such events as International Students Day provided at Polotsk State University, Republican Student Forum «Together we are Belarus» and «Polotsk is the city for youth». The «Kub`ON» collaborates with Novopolotsk schoolchildren and participates in career guidance project «KVEST» of Polotsk State University.

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The speed cubing club «Kub`ON» is a rapidly developing association. Every week the club members come together to share their experience and to develop new solving methods. Nowadays the «Kub`ON» is considered to be unique in Belarus.

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