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On December 18-20, 2018 our lecturers and students visited the main office of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) in Geneva, Switzerland. WIPO carries out the scientific research in the field of intellectual property rights.

The scientific and practical seminar “Current Issues of Intellectual Property Rights” was held under the auspices of WIPO in Geneva.

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The event was attended by representatives of the Institute of Intellectual Property named after S. Gorovitsa at Tel Aviv University (Israel), Comparative Legal Centre of Ono Academic College (Israel), Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv (Ukraine), universities of Kazakhstan and Belarus.

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The Republic of Belarus was represented by the following students studying Science of Law at the Faculty of Law at Polotsk State University: Roman Volkov, Egor Gololobov, Anastasia Sinkevich, Polina Urban, Mikhail Akachyonok, Anastasia Bobkova and Senior Lecturer at the Department of Civil Law Kristina Savitskaya. 

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The participants discussed the current issues of the interrelation between intellectual property and economic development, business environment, current trends and challenges in the field of intellectual property, which is developing in the era of information and communication technologies.

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The seminar was aimed at developing partnerships between the WIPO Secretariat and educational institutions in Europe, Central Asia and the Caucasus by providing technical and expert support on intellectual property issues.

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The following topics were discussed at the conference:

  • Main areas of WIPO activity;
  • Intellectual property and global challenges;
  • Intellectual property and economic development;
  • Alternative dispute resolution in the field of intellectual property;
  • Copyright in the digital age;
  • International patent right;
  • Traditional knowledge and intellectual property and etc.

Permanent Representative of Belarus in Geneva Yury Ambrazevich took part in the solemn opening ceremony of the seminar. In his speech the Head of Belarus Mission in Geneva expressed his satisfaction with the current level of development of bilateral relations between the Republic of Belarus and WIPO, noted the importance of the seminar for promoting WIPO knowledge and experience on intellectual property issues through educational programs at universities and specialized institutions.

Yury Ambrazevich hopes for the further cooperation between WIPO and Belarusian educational institutions, including joint national seminars, similar to the one which was held in April 2018 at PSU.

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On December 20, 2018 the students at the Faculty of Law at Polotsk State University presented the following topics:

  • Alternative Dispute Resolution in the Field of Intellectual Property in the Republic of Belarus (Roman Volkov and Egor Gololobov);
  • A Character of a Computer Game as a Secured Copyright Object (Anastasia Bobkova, Mikhail Akachyonok and Polina Urban);
  • Artificial Intelligence and Copyright (Anastasia Sinkevich).

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Kristina Savitskaya, Senior Lecturer at the Department of Civil Law