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On April 28th of 2020, an online workshop “Problems of the Protection of Citizens’ Rights with the Rise of Technologies in the Field of Genomic Studies and Artificial Intelligence” took place. The workshop covered many areas related to the field of intellectual property. The event was organized by the Department of Civil Law of Kutafin Moscow State Law University.

More than 70 participants took part in the workshop. Among them were representatives of universities of Russia, Belarus, Armenia, Latvia.

The following issues were under the consideration:

  • human genetic “improvements”: social and humanistic problems;
  • the protection of rights of surrogacy participants;
  • delictual liability for harm to a child born as a result of using assisted reproductive technologies;
  • legal regime of information stored in biobanks;
  • the protection of citizens’ rights when performing genetic passportization;
  • the impact of genomic studies and bioprinting on the civil liability development;
  • the patenting of results of genomic studies;
  • intellectual property and artificial intelligence;
  • intellectual property law improvement.

Polotsk State University was represented by Vladimir Bogonenko, Head of the Department of Civil Law, and Kristina Savitskaya, senior lecturer of the Department of Civil Law. We are pleased to note that PSU students, members of Private and Comparative Law scientific community, joined the online workshop as well.

genomnie issledovaniya 2

Attention should be drawn above all to the high level of scientific reports presented by leading researchers and practicing lawyers, specialists in other fields including medicine, philosophy and sociology.

There were many interesting and informative presentations at the seminars. Among the speakers were Dmitry Bogdanov, Doctor of Law, Professor of the Department of Civil Law (MSAL), Lyudmila Novosyolova, Doctor of Law, President of the Intellectual Property Court, Head of the Department of Intellectual Rights (MSAL), Valentina Sinelnikova, Doctor of Law, Professor of the National Research University (Higher School of Economics), Ivan Bliznets, Doctor of Law, Head of the Department of Copyright, Professor, Director of Scientific and Academic Centre for IP and Digital Technologies, Chairman of IP Council of the Russian Federation Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Vadim Mantrov, Doctor of Law, Associate Professor of the Law Faculty of the University of Latvia.

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The workshop played an essential role in strengthening cooperation among researchers from different countries, establishing new contacts and will have a beneficial effect on strengthening scientific investigation on the most relevant topics in the field of law in general and intellectual property in particular.

Vladimir Bogonenko, Head of the Department of Civil Law