Полоцкий государственный университет


In summer 2017 a senior teacher of World Literature and Foreign languages Department of Polotsk State University Ekaterina Lushnevskaya took part in the educational seminar «Kulturstadt Berlin» funded by the Goethe-Institute within the Professional Development Program for German language teachers.

Ekaterina Lushnevskaya

Ekaterina Lushnevskaya shared her impressions about the seminar: «During the seminar teachers from different countries had a chance to get acquainted with culture, art and politics peculiarities of Berlin; to take part in discussions and meetings with art workers; to attend cultural events and sights of Berlin. The base of the seminar was aimed at deepening knowledge in the field of country study, including acquaintance with the history of Berlin as a cultural capital of Germany».

The Educational Seminar «Kulturstadt Berlin»

Within the seminar all the participants presented their projects «Berlin through the eyes of art workers» according to the interviews with a presentation of project results. The participants of the seminar also met with the head of Professional Development Centre for German teachers, attended a publishing house and watched a performance at the Bijou amphitheatre.