Полоцкий государственный университет


On July 9-22, 2017 students of Humanities Faculty Svetlana Ageyeva, Anna Malinovskaya and Anastasia Solovyeva took part in the program «Region – Nation – Europe» carried out by the Academia Baltica. The summer course was hosted at the Akademie Sankelmark located in Schleswig Holstein (Germany). For two weeks PSU representatives together with students from 9 countries (Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland) have attended lectures and seminars, visited sights and found new friends.

 Svetlana Ageyeva, Anna Malinovskaya and Anastasia Solovyeva

Our students shared their impressions about their trip:

Anastasia Solovyeva: «We’ve had a wonderful time full of unforgettable events and great impressions. Of course, we dedicated most part of the time to our study process. We analyzed history books of different countries, attended German and Danish minorities, imitated EU Summit and participated in different quizzes».

Participation in contests and questionnaires

Anna Malinovskaya: «I’ve brought not only souvenirs and photographs, but also wonderful emotions after these magnificent weeks. We lived in separate rooms, went to the dining hall 5 times a day. Every day we had a chance to taste various menus, for example, national dishes of Germany and Denmark. We liked it a lot. The most favourite dish was a Danish dessert «Rødgrød Med Fløde».

Participation  of the summer course «Region – Nation – Europe»

Svetlana Ageyeva: «I’m very delighted with our trip to Germany. We studied alot, but also had a good time after lectures and seminars. We visited Flensburg several times. At the weekend we had a trip to Denmark, where we lived in a hostel on the island of Rømø. During our time in Germany we attended the exhibition of the German painter-expressionist Emil Nolde. Also we visited Lübeck where we attended protestant churches, the European Hansemuseum. Apart from that every evening we played tennis, badminton or volleyball, took part in musical evenings».

Students of Humanities Faculty in Germany

That’s how the students of Polotsk State University have spent their time in a small town of Sankelmark. The girls told that on the first day all students filled in the questionnaires where they described typical stereotypes about their countries. On the last day they got to know the results of those questionnaires and were pleasantly surprised that most part of the negative stereotypes was untrue.