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In March 2018 Novosibirsk State Technical University held a webinar where the academic staff of the Department of Electronic Engineering and Energy (Radio Engineering Faculty) of Polotsk State University has been engaged. Anastasiya Rusina is the representative of the NSTU, a Professor of the Department of Automated Electrical Power Systems (Faculty of Power Engineering).

Indeed, NSTU is active in providing scientific, technical and practical webinars cooperating with the researchers from Mongolia, Tajikistan and the Shanghai Cooperation Organization member states.

The idea of PSU and NSTU cooperation aroused after Dmitry Antonovich, Head of Department of Electronic Engineering and Energy, visited Novosibirsk. The visit resulted in signing a cooperation agreement allowing for holding webinars and online meetings.

The very first webinar opened on October 24, 2017. The Department of Electronic Engineering and Energy members got a chance to participate there. Generally, the webinar itself was consecrated to information technologies development in electronic engineering. The audience comprised the lecturers and the students of the Department of Electronic Engineering and Energy. NSTU and Mongolian University of Science and Technology researchers prepared presentations, and the event ended with certificates delivery for both the audience and speakers.

The Certificate of Participation

Since November 2017 a course of scientific and methodological webinars concerning «Energy research perspectives and investigations» has been set. In reality, all the universities collaboration members are free in presenting their papers not solely dealing with energy research but other spheres. All mentioned contributed to wider cooperation and search for further partnership all over Mongolia, Belarus and Tajikistan.

The course opening, held on November 3, 2017, was marked with NSTU and Mongolian University of Science and Technology researchers` presentations. The researchers demonstrated their investigations and offers for collaboration with our participating universities. The electricity distribution map was exhibited by Mongolian University of Science and Technology.

The following course webinar launched on December 21, 2017. That webinar was dedicated to the Day of Energy Engineer. The Departments of Electronic Engineering and Energy, and Radio Electronics introduced their research results. Among the participants one may mention the members from Belarusian-Russian University and Technological University of Tajikistan.

Find out more about webinars: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLtRuoIyb005CpO2LcsJnwkgU1pnwTjl5O&disable_polymer=true

Novosibirsk State Technical University specified several perspective directions for collaboration except for energy research. The works of Vladimir Pitolin, Dmitry Dovgialo, Valery Chertkov and Tatiana Molodechkina provoked a special interest. Besides, Sergey Abramenko`s investigations devoted to smart management systems based on programmable logic controller and industrial automation elements gain traction, too.

The representatives of Novosibirsk State Technical University were galvanized by the fact of PSU Radio Engineering Faculty having been conducting such a huge and multidisciplinary scientific work.

V. Pitolin’s report

Subsequently it was Belarusian-Russian University`s turn to present their ideas in March 2018. PSU Lecturers attended the event as being the audience.

The seminar with Belarusian-Russian University

The next webinar from «Energy research perspectives and investigations» course is planning to invite Technological University of Tajikistan researchers.

Additionally, there will be a set of round-table discussions between Novosibirsk State Technical University and Polotsk State University evoking the sphere of energy. The possibility to create postgraduate studies network is still open to question.