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On September 9, 2017 the international photo exhibition presented by Swedish photographers Magnus and Jenny Lindgren «Svenska i Vitryssland/Belarus» («Swedish language in Belarus») opened at Polotsk State University. The photos have been taken in June 2016. For a year the exhibition has been carried out in 6 cities in Sweden, including Gothenburg and Stockholm. In our country this photo project was presented for the first time in the International conference for Swedish language teachers in Minsk in October 2016.

«Svenska i Vitryssland/Belarus»

«It is exciting that Belarus, in spite of its geographical position to Scandinavian countries, seems an unknown country for many Swedes», - say Magnus and Jenny. That is why the main aim of the photo project is to get acquainted the Swedish audience with Belarus: through Swedish language teachers and their students. At the exhibition there are also photos of Minsk and Polotsk – two Belarusian cities where students study Swedish.

Photos by Swedish photographers Magnus and Jenny Lindgren

The photo exhibition «Svenska i Vitryssland/Belarus»

Photo at the exhibition