Полоцкий государственный университет


In June 2017 the Cooperation Agreement between Polotsk State University and the HERE company (HERE Global B.V., The Netherlands) was signed. The mission of this project is aimed at the actualization of cartographic data.

On October 31 the summarizing of the cooperation outcomes for the previous year was carried out at the Department of Geodesy and Geoinformation systems.

Summarizing of the cooperation outcomes at the Department

The representative of the Dutch company «HERE Global B.V., The Netherlands», the head of content acquisition and community department for Russia and CIS countries sub-region Victor Rudoy underlined a high-level activity of PSU students, their motivation to mastering modern geoinformation technologies. V. Rudoy also talked about the prospects of the company development and its further cooperation with PSU.

Victor Rudoy

Students’ work within the framework of the project was carried out in two directions. The students, who study Geography (Geoinformation systems), had an opportunity to work in a geographical service Map Creator. The second stage of the project implied the field practical training on the territory of Polotsk and Novopolotsk.

The statistics of the working process

The results will be implemented in the navigation systems of the world famous automakers. All the students have been awarded with certificates and souvenirs.

Awarding with certificates

Students, who have demonstrated their best results, have taken part in HERE Student Camp 2017. All of them have underlined the practical meaning of such events that give an opportunity to get the experience in this field, skills and an idea of their own projects, work in a team, mastering new technologies and others.

Victor Rudoy

One of the important moments of the cooperation is the employment at the Russian branch of HERE company for our student Victoria Ermakova who has graduated from Polotsk State University in 2016 specializing in Geography (Geoinformation technologies).

Summarizing all the results we can say that all significant joint projects between PSU and the HERE company will be definitely developed in the future!