Полоцкий государственный университет


In March 2018, Master’s degree students of Polotsk State University, studying their Double Master Degree «Regional Planning and Development», conducted in the English language, visited Rezekne Academy of Technologies (Latvia), our partner institution in this program.

Yulia Bimbat and Nursoltan Myradova

It should be noted that it was the second group of master’s degree students who had visited Rezekne Academy of Technologies. The main purpose of the visit was to study the disciplines of the module «Regional Economics and Management». Moreover, the peculiarity of this training stage is the joint study of disciplines by Master’s students from two partner universities. Thus, this academic year Ligita Karvele and Alexander Larionov, two master’s degree students from Rezekne Academy of Technologies, joined Nursoltan Myradova, Yulia Bimbat and Konstantin Zakharin, the Master’s students from Polotsk State University.

Master’s degree students started their studies according to three disciplines of the module: «Branch Structure of the Regional Economy and Resource Management»; «Environmental Economics»; «International Industrial Economics, Investment and International Trade». The students will be able to continue to study these disciplines at Polotsk State University at the end of April 2018.

Our students shared their impressions about the trip.

Nursoltan noted the following: «I was looking forward to a trip to Latvia. My training in Rezekne was successful. The trip gave me an opportunity to meet new people, to have a change of scenery, to see how people live in other countries, to obtain new knowledge and the opportunity to upgrade my skills. On the first day we were told about life in the RAT. I really liked the fact that the university provides an active student life and excellent knowledge. The teaching staff is highly qualified and friendly there. They explained the material perfectly and created an atmosphere you didn’t want to leave, and you just wanted to listen and learn the bases of the profession». By the way, the next stage of realization of Nursoltan’s academic mobility is connected with the visit of the city of Baku in May 2018, where she will study the work of one of the leading Azerbaijani banks.

Konstantin Zakharin stated the developed material and technical basis of Rezekne Academy of Technologies, the international composition of students and Master’s students, an individual approach to each student, attention to foreign master’s degree students from Daina Znotina, the supervisor of this Master's program and from the faculty administration. Moreover, Konstantin is not going to stop there and plans to implement academic mobility at the University of Bologna (Spain), the partner university of Rezekne Academy of Technologies.

Rezekne Academy of Technologies

Yulia Bimbat pointed out the importance of joint training of master’s degree students from different countries, a high level of professional skills of teachers at Rezekne Academy of Technologies, which made the classes interesting and informative. According to Yulia, one can consider meeting with interesting people, including representatives of other partners of this institution from different countries, as an indisputable advantage of this trip.

Master’s degree students in Rezekne

We would like to wish our partner university further development and prosperity, progress across all the areas of its activity. We are looking forward to new meetings with Master’s students and personnel at Rezekne Academy of Technologies.