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On April 23, 2018 Peter Toumanoff, an associate professor at Marquette University in Milwaukee, Wisconsin (USA) delivered his presentation «The role of Fulbright program in the development of international cooperation» for scholars at Polotsk State University.

Professor Toumanoff is visiting Polotsk State University within the framework of the exchange programme among specialists. He carries out some interactive lecturers and seminars for students, master classes and tutorials for the academic staff of the university.

Peter Toumanoff

The professor’s presentation was dedicated to the Fulbright programs in the Republic Belarus – their mission and key aspects. In particular, the programme on inviting Belarusian scholars to the United States of America for conducting scientific research has been regarded. Prof. Toumanoff presented some extracts from his reviews and paid attention to assessment criteria of applications, also their strong and weak points.

The professor’s presentation

The professor’s presentation raised a great interest among the listeners. The topic of the seminar is quite relevant because the academic mobility for scholars to foreign institutes is one of the priority tasks for Polotsk State University.

Popok, Kostyukova, Bortnik