Полоцкий государственный университет


During the period from April 9 to 13, 2018 Darya Yadrishchenskaya, the student at the Faculty of Humanities, joined the Belarusian student group obtaining a chance to follow a study course in Sweden. The Association in Lund (the association run by students contributing to foreign affairs discussion and student awareness building) carried out the exchange program Lund –Minsk and Minsk – Lund having collaborated with the Centre for Swedish Studies in Minsk in April of 2018.

The mission of the exchange program presupposed rising students’ awareness consecrated to current social issues and welcoming civil society engagement. The students found out more about Belarus and Sweden and shared their own experience. The crucial point of the program is a possibility for language practice.

Sightseeing tour

The program itself intended on visiting two countries – Sweden (Lund and Malmö) and Denmark (Copenhagen). The Belarusian and Swedish student groups visited diverse events, lectures and seminars. Besides, there was а meeting carried by OSCE (Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe) representatives in Copenhagen. The OSCE is the largest security-oriented intergovernmental organization. The students got an opportunity to listen to Cecilia Malmström, talk to her in private and ask questions.

Moving further, the students attended the lecture of «Tjejjouren i Lund», the organization providing support for Swedish women experiencing domestic violence, psychological trauma, sexual abuse etc. Further, the program presumed a meeting with Student Association Fair in Lund where one could discover other Lund student associations and their main objectives. All-in-all, the Belarusian student group experienced 2-3 everyday meetings with various associations including UNICEF, Ung I Lund, UPF, P6, Lundagård (students bulletin) and others.


As a fact, UPF students equipped the guests with events, official lectures and seminars meanwhile organizing dinner parties (presupposing language practice) and sightseeing tours (Lund and Malmö). Darya Yadrishchenskaya noted the training was tremendously informative and beneficial.

We show our deep thanks to UPF Lund (The Association of Foreign Affairs) and Centre for Swedish Studies in Minsk for the possibility to visit Lund and Copenhagen. We hope such visits turn to be an annual event.

Dinner party