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Karina Shidlovskaya and Anastasia Rudakova, the students of Polotsk State University specializing in Physical Training, studied at Physical Education and Sports Academy of Southern Federal University (Russia) under the agreement on academic exchange between partner universities. The students attended lectures, practical classes, passed tests and examinations. Moreover, they participated in the Faculty and University events.

Karina Shidlovskaya and Anastasia Rudakova

Karina and Anastasia represented Polotsk State University at the opening of the competition “The Best Specialist in the Sphere of Physical Education” that was held under the VIII Olympiad for Students Specializing in “Physical Training”, dedicated to the 2018 FIFA World Cup. The University students specializing in the field of physical training and sports took part in:

  • theoretical competition,
  • practical and methodical competition,
  • practical competition (swimming, sports/field-and-track relay race, gymnastics),
  • scientific competition,
  • creativity competition.

A PSU Student at SFU





Karina and Anastasia shared their impressions about the study at Physical Education and Sports Academy Southern Federal University:

Karina: “The Dean gave us a warm welcome, introduced us to our groupmates and helped to make an individual schedule. The group was very friendly and our groupmates were always ready to help us. We are grateful to them. We got acquainted with the students from different countries and still maintain contact with some of them. There were a lot of seminars and various meetings. Beside writing the course papers, we participated in the projects development and presentation.”

Anastasia: “The event I remember best is the meeting with Oleg Novitsky who is a cosmonaut. The Dean introduced us to him as his compatriots. We are thankful for the opportunity to meet him personally and communicate with him. Oleg Novitsky shared his impressions of outer space and told us about the profession of a pilot-cosmonaut. It was very exciting and fascinating.”

Karina: “Much attention is paid to sports development in Rostov. We were the judges at the competitions dedicated to May 1. It was a serious event and we were responsible for it. We coped with it, because our groupmates from Southern Federal University helped us a lot. Besides, we participated in the competitions among the inhabitants of different student residences. Our team won the second prize. The students from the sports club organized high-level competitions.”

Anastasia: “Special thanks to Marina Belavkina, education coordinator at Physical Education and Sports Academy of Southern Federal University, for the warm welcome and support.”

Karina: “I want to speak about the trip again and again, because I liked it very much. I would like to thank Elena Borun, the Head of the Department of Physical Training and Sports, for such a wonderful opportunity. We have gained useful experience. I’d like to ask other students not to be scared to try and participate in programmes of academic exchange, because in such a way you will receive not only experience but also new friends”.

Anastasia Rudakova in Rostov

Karina Shidlovskaya and Anastasia Rudakova in Rostov

Anastasia Rudakova

The Department of Physical Training and Sports