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As the graduates specializing in foreign languages teaching, we were glad to be given an opportunity to attend the lectures of Pia-Maria Rabenschteiner and Gerhart Rabenschteiner, professors at the University College of Teacher Education – Carinthia. They gave a lecture to PSU staff, bachelor and master’s students about the system of education in Austria, its meaning in civic education and about internationalization in education.

Yesepyonok Valeria and Ivanova Tatiana

Pia-Maria Rabenschteiner and Gerhart Rabenschteiner

Pia-Maria Rabenschteiner and Gerhart Rabenschteiner

It seemed that it would be an ordinary lecture. But we were wrong thinking so. Our guests gave a lecture close to the listeners and not from the podium, as we were used to at the university. First of all, of course, they introduced their country and the University. Even at that stage, the Austrian representatives managed to interact with the listeners: they asked the participants what knowledge they had about Austria. Every person who answered was awarded a small souvenir. It was interesting to learn that the water is drinkable in Austrian lakes, that Austrians are very sportive and that the people there speak a lot of languages, because there are 8 bordering countries.


The Listeners

The Participants

A. Rabenschteiner shared some facts about the education system in Austria: pre-school education is free, one year in a kindergarten and education of children from 6 to 15 years are obligatory. Further, the youth is free to choose any programme of professional education or preparatory courses to enter a university. The education at schools in Klagenfurt is bilingual: the classes can be taught in German or Slovenian. Moreover, the children choose the language themselves. Furthermore, the education is provided in English for people who don’t know German and have immigrated to Austria for some reason.

It’s difficult to disagree that the University College of Teacher Education – Carinthia is a progressive one because a lesson can be conducted by 2 teachers at the same time. The third teacher joins the lesson if there are any students with hearing impairments. It is a good opportunity for such students to study together with all the others, because it allows them to socialize and live a full student life. One more feature of the University College of Teacher Education – Carinthia is that there is a possibility to study in English.

The Lecture in Polotsk College

The University College of Teacher Education – Carinthia is experienced in international activity, education internationalization and academic mobility. Therefore, they carefully choose the disciplines for the curriculum so that the graduates can integrate into the universities of different countries. The students from dozens of countries enter the university in Klagenfurt and the representatives of different cultures interact with each other. The staff at the University tries to create the atmosphere of respect to other cultures to find common ground, which is the main basis for friendship. Moreover, the excursions to three neighboring countries are organized for the students who have entered the University College of Teacher Education – Carinthia.

Pia-Maria Rabenschteiner and Gerhart Rabenschteiner have much experience in the sphere of education. That is why their advice was useful to the teachers and lecturers. Upbringing and Education have a strong impact on the development of the child’s personality. Therefore, a teacher has a great responsibility for it. The guests paid special attention to the communication with a child, because a child’s soul can be destroyed by a single word.


The lecture ended in an unusual way. Pia-Maria Rabenschteiner asked the listeners to share their impressions using the method of an “invisible ball”. Every person could “throw” it further to anyone in the auditorium. This method caused positive emotions, and a small souvenir was given to each participant of the game.

Yesepyonok Valeria and Ivanova Tatiana

We would like to thank Polotsk State University and the University College of Teacher Education – Carinthia for the chance to communicate with experienced lecturers, learn interesting facts about Austria, its system of education and about the programme ERASMUS+.

The cooperation with Austrian partners gives the university staff and students new opportunities that’s why it would be nice to use the motto of the University College of Teacher Education: Take YOUR chance!

Yesepyonok Valeria, Ivanova Tatiana

Photo: Polina Kosarevskaya, Studio “FACT”