Полоцкий государственный университет


In September 2018, the students of the Faculty of Finance and Economics participated in the open seminar “Chinese Culture of Business Management: Internships and Mastering Practical Skills of the Chinese Language”.

At first the students got acquainted with the Private Unitary Enterprise “Tszetszya” and company executive Lee Zekhun.

The company has been working on the Belarusian market for several years in such areas as construction, hotel and restaurant business, tourism. 

The students had a chance to participate in Work-meeting in the head office of the company. Different issues, that are important for the development of both professional skills and students’ career strategies, were discussed with the company executive.

Lee Zekhun and Inga Zenkova, the Head of the Department of Economics at PSU, discussed various issues such as prospects for learning, opportunities and benefits of the students studying under the programme “Economics” (including Economy of China and the Chinese Language).

The result of the meeting was the agreement on a possibility for PSU students to take internships. Besides, the ways of further cooperation are outlined within the framework of the cooperation agreement between PSU and “Tszetszya”.

After acquaintance with the requirements to the skills and abilities of students and graduates the participants of the seminar visited Chinese Cultural Centre in Minsk.

In Chinese Cultural Centre the students got acquainted with the history of China’s economic growth and perspective directions of developing Chinese provinces, took part in master class on calligraphy and learnt some interesting facts about Chinese literature.

Studying the Chinese language and culture is quite useful not only for students studying economics. Knowledge in that sphere can be used by engineers, builders and lawyers. Employment opportunities for our young people are becoming more and more popular in the framework of the cooperation agreement between Belarus and China. The main requirements to applicants are personal development, ability to master new skills easily, willingness to acquire new knowledge and a desire to learn the Chinese language and culture.

The opening of Confucius Centre at PSU provides all these opportunities.

We thank Lee Zhonghua and Liu Jiqiang, the lecturers of Confucius Centre at PSU, and Inga Zenkova, the Head of the Department of Economics who is responsible for developing the Chinese direction at PSU.

Elena Bogdanova, senior lecturer at the department of Economics