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On October 13th, 2018 a lot of teachers and lecturers of the English language gathered together at a conference hall of Polotsk State University. The Centre for Foreign Languages Study together with the project #TeachersTalkShop (Minsk) organized the meeting.

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The main aim of the event was the experience exchange among the teachers of English at different levels of education. Elizabeth Lewis (Belarusian State University), Kate Panian (Mogilev State University), Leslie Gibson (Grodno State University) and Jocelyn Pihlaja (Polotsk State University), Fulbright scholars from USA, provided master-classes for the participants. Moreover, Jane Harry, a lecturer from Britain gave a presentation as well. Natalia Kulinkovich, the project manager of #TeachersTalkShop, prepared a special presentation for the meeting and provided a one-hour master-class.

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They discussed the following issues: effective teaching the English language and what methods and information technologies to use to make the classes fun and productive. The authors not only shared their experience, but also asked the audience about their own experience. Besides, they gave advice on how to adapt the methods of teaching taking into account the age and peculiarities of their students.

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Besides learning, the participants, of course, communicated. Young lecturers from USA talked about themselves and answered questions about their working days.

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At the end of the meeting, the Head of the Centre for Foreign Languages Study, Olga Zhuravskaya, noted that the meeting would be the first and not the last event of the kind because the guests hoped to continue communication.

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Natalia Kulinkovich expressed a similar thought, proposing further cooperation. Fulbright professors are also willing to continue cooperation with PSU. Elizabeth Lewis expressed gratitude to the organizers for the possibility to meet with the lecturers of our region and hoped to visit Polotsk again. Kate Panian described her impressions: “There is just an amazing atmosphere at Polotsk State University. Nevertheless the most important is kindness and frankness of the lecturers and students. The visit to PSU is a unique experience, which I will gladly repeat.”

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Olga Zhuravskaya, one of the meeting organizers and the Head of the Centre for Foreign Languages Study, thanks all the guests and participants for attendance and active work. Besides, all the guests are invited to follow «#TeachersTalkShop Polatsk» group on Facebook. It is possible to share personal experience, ask for advice and learn about the events of PSU, the Centre and the community #TeachersTalkShop.

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