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The BELL project “Improvement of Continuing Education in Belarus” under Erasmus+ programme was held at the University of Cádiz (Cádiz, Spain).

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On October 21-26, Dmitry Antonovich, Head of the Department of Power Engineering and Electronics, and Alexander Yemelyanov, an assistant of the Department of Economics, took part in a workshop “Learning through digital content and effective teaching on a virtual platform”.

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Moodle eLearning environment and collections of specifications and standards for eLearning SCORM and IMS were discussed during the workshop. The participants created interactive learning materials using such programmes as Active Presenter, H5P, exeLearning and Hot Potatoes. Special attention was paid to gamification of eLearning, i.e. using game programmes in Education.

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On the last day of the visit the participants met the deputy head of the International Relations Office, the staff of the Erasmus+ department and specialists of the Russian-Spanish university centre at the University of Cádiz. During the meeting, each of the project participants presented their own university and discussed further international cooperation.

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The participants of the workshop used their new skills in creating eLearning content.  Each of the participants created a unique learning material in accordance with the course content. As a result of the internship all the participants were awarded certificates. In such a way, active joint work contributed to the further development and strengthening of the cooperation among the BELL project participants.

At the end of the meeting the participants went on excursion around the university. They visited the department dealing with Erasmus+ programmes, the International Relations Office and the Faculty of Arts and Humanities. They learnt about the organization of educational process at the University of Cádiz and its support infrastructure.

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