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The Department of World Literature and Foreign Languages develops the international cooperation all the time. The cooperation with NOVA (Northern Virginia Community College, USA) produced the first results in the middle of November: we had the first online-seminar on the topic “Gothic fantasy (E. Poe, S. King)”.

online seminar 1

online seminar 2

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online seminar 6

The main seminar feature was that Michael Aimee (NOVA, USA) provided a regular lesson both to his students and to the students specializing in “Romance and Germanic Philology” at PSU simultaneously. In addition to the fact that the students gained knowledge on the subject, mastered their skills in analyzing a text, they had an opportunity to observe the process of teaching at an American educational establishment. Besides, they participated in the seminar by discussing Edgar Poe’s and Stephen King’s pieces of work with the American students. We sincerely thank our American colleagues and hope that this seminar was the first and not the last event in the sphere of our cooperation with the USA.

online seminar 3

online seminar 5

Vera Gembitskaya-Bortnik, Yauhen Papakul