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On November 28, 2018, the Faculty of Law at Polotsk State University held a workshop in the form of a video conference. Bachelor and master’s students of the Faculty of Law at PSU and of the Faculty of Economics and Law at Odessa I. I. Mechnikov National University (Ukraine) were the conference participants.

The important issues in the sphere of corporate law concerning management and control of business companies, making big deals and dividend payments were discussed at this scientific and practical event. During the workshop, the participants could present their works and share their views on the relevant corporate law issues.

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PSU was represented by:

  • Anastasia Sinkevich: “General Shareholders Meeting Holding Procedure: Legislation and Law Enforcement Practices Issues”
  • Anna Sinkevich: “Big Deal in Corporate Law of the Republic of Belarus”
  • Guncha Muradova: “Joint Stock Company Management Under the Law of Turkmenistan”

Academic supervisor: Vladimir Bogonenko, PhD in Law, Associate Professor.

The following master’s students represented Ukrainian university:

  • Maria Zakharchenko: “The Right of a Corporate Enterprise Member to Dividends, Features of its Realization Mechanism”
  • Ruslana Pivkopa: “Correlation between the Concepts “The Right to Personnel Management” and “Corporate Control”
  • Lilit Beglaryan: “Limited Liability Company Participant’s Right to a Liquidation Quota: Comparative Law Analysis”

Academic supervisor: Andrey Smityuk, PhD in Law, Associate Professor.

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The workshop participants were able to show the problems of law enforcement practice within popular business companies and exchange their points of view concerning certain aspects of legal regulation of limited and superadded liability companies and joint-stock companies

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It should be noted that the meeting was the continuation of the previous scientific contacts between the two universities. Such meetings help to present their own research work results and choose the sphere of further research activities.

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Vladimir Bogonenko, Head of the Department of Civil Law