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In January 2019, Master’s students at the Department of Economics Renata Sarvary, Eduard Yarygin and Galina Yarygina and a student specializing in “Economics and Business Administration” Ivan Skopyuk undertook the internship at Rezekne Academy of Technologies (Rezekne, Latvia).

 Rezekne Academy of Technologies is one of the most important partners for Polotsk State University. Within the framework of the cooperation the joint Master’s degree programme “Regional Planning and Development” is carried out in English.

stazhirovka v RTA 3

For the time spent at the Academy, the Master’s students have learnt its infrastructure and educational processes there.

Rezekne Academy of Technologies has great opportunities for scientific development in such spheres as chemistry, biology, engineering and robotics. The students have found out more about 3D-technologies that offer a means to produce the necessary mechanisms used in almost all spheres of life.

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Design and engineering direction is actively developing at the Academy. Therefore they prepare specialists that can create production lines that can be used in various spheres of production and make production more efficient by reducing manual work. The lines change only the determining function that is the form, the colour, etc. Besides, chemical and biological direction of the Academy gives the opportunity for European students to acquire practical knowledge in the field of natural materials processing, which increases the level of green economy of the Latvian region. Moreover, the PSU students had an opportunity to study the results of handling the flax sprouts waste, which can be used as fuel for industries, though the “inventors” claim that the possible use is too low due to the high level of cost for treating of waste from “heating granules”.

The PSU students saw the graduates of the joint master’s degree programme defending their MS theses at a European University. Thus, the PSU representatives could see the importance and complexity of the final stage of the master’s degree course.

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After that, Polotsk State University students could visit one of the biggest industrial enterprises in Rezekne - “VEREMS”. The enterprise is a subsidiary of «Latvijas Finieris» company that specializes in forest exploitation, wood processing, purchase and wholesale of wood products.

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“VEREMS” has become an important employer, reliable cooperation partner and an example for long-term and socially responsible entrepreneurship.

We are thankful to Rezekne Academy of Technologies for such an informative and exciting visit to Latvia!

Elena Lisichyonok