Полоцкий государственный университет


14 partner universities from Belarus, Great Britain, Finland, Latvia, Russia, Poland and Armenia gathered together in Moscow to have a workshop, dedicated to the beginning of the realization of the joint international project under the Erasmus+ programme «Modernization of Doctoral Education in Science and Improvement of Teaching Methodologies» (MODEST). The workshop was held on the basis of Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology and Moscow State University of Geodesy and Cartography.


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The  MODEST project aims to improve the quality of postgraduate studies in engineering by modernizing the curriculum, optimizing the work of postgraduate students, enhancing the supervision of their scientific research and increasing academic mobility.

To achieve the sustainable results it is planned to develop web-platforms and virtual network environment using various approaches and information and communication methodologies.

Besides PSU, two more Belarusian universities participated in the meeting. They are Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno and Belarusian National Technical University.


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Polotsk State University was presented by:

During the meeting the consortium members discussed the following issues:

  • The business plan for the first half of 2019;
  • The text of the cooperation agreement between PSU and the University of Latvia;
  • The questions concerning the reporting documentation of the MODEST project.

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Elena Kremnyova, Head of the Department for Postgraduate Studies