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Under the agreement consolidated in September 2018 in the Memorandum of cooperation between Polotsk State University and Samarkand Institute of Economics and Service, Anna Lavrinenko, Dean at the Faculty of Finance and Economics, and Elena Maley, Head at the Department of Business Accounting and Finance, Logistics and Management, visited our partner-university on February 18-20.

 Samarkand Institute of Economics and Service was founded in February 1931 in Tashkent and was transferred to Samarkand in August 1935.According to the decision of the cabinet of ministers of November 23, 1960, the institute was handed over to the Central Union and named as Samarkand Cooperative Institute and in 2004 it was reorganized into Samarkand Institute of Economics and Service.

Samarkand Institute

The main aim of the visit was to develop a long-term cooperation with Samarkand Institute of Economics and Service, develop academic mobility and open joint academic Bachelor and Master’s degrees programs of double diploma.

The meeting started with the acquaintance with the institute administration represented by Vice-Rector for Research and Innovations Dilbar Aslanova, Dean and Heads of the Departments and leading lecturers: Shukhrat Islomov (PhD in Economics, Associate professor, Dean at the Department of Economics and Management), Jakhongir Zaynalov (PhD in Economics, Professor, Head at the Department of Financial and Insurance Services), Komil Urazov (PhD in Economics, Professor, Head at the Department of Business Accounting and Audit), Bakhodir Khusanov (PhD in Economics, Associate Professor), Zokir Rasulov (PhD in Economics, senior lecturer), Susanna Aliyeva (PhD in Economics, senior lecturer), Dildora Pashshakhodzhayeva (senior lecturer).

PSU Representatives with the Samarkand Institute

PSU Delegation

During the talk, the meeting participants discussed a detailed plan of joint work for 2019-2020 academic year on the opening of the following joint academic Master’s degree programs: “Business Accounting, Analysis and Audit”, “Finance, Taxation and credit”, “Business Administration”, and the following joint academic Bachelor degree program: “Finance and Credit”. The following day, the interested parties discussed the issues of curriculum synchronization. Much attention was paid to the research part of the cooperation. The parties identified the common interests and agreed on organizing and holding joint international scientific and practical conferences, writing articles and making joint applications to the contests of Belarusian-Uzbek scientific and technical projects for 2020.

Meetings at the Departments

We can’t but notice remarkable hospitality and generosity of our colleagues from Uzbekistan, who organized not only our representatives’ staying in Samarkand, but also an acquaintance with this ancient city. It should be noted that there are few places in the world that have such a glorious history. Samarkand was a key station on the Great Silk Road from China to Europe for more than two thousand years. Besides, it was one of the main scientific centers of medieval East.  Moreover, Samarkand was the capital of the Tamerlane Empire in the XIV century. Tamerlane’s mausoleum can be visited nowadays.

Mausoleum of Tamerlane, Samarkand

Mausoleum of Tamerlane

Majestic buildings in Samarkand amaze you with the beauty and eastern refinement.

Anna Lavrinenko and Elena Maley

Anna Lavrinenko and Elena Maley

Our representatives came home with the warmest memories about this town, impressed by the colleagues and students of Samarkand Institute of Economics and Service and willing to develop sustainable cooperation further.

Faculty of Finance and Economics