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The opportunity to be taught by the leading lecturers from abroad is a vital part of a high-quality education at the Faculty of Information Technologies. Mykolayiv National Agrarian University (MNAU) is one of the partners of Polotsk State University. The leading Ukrainian University uses a wide range of advanced educational technologies, which is one of the important parts of its success.

Associate Professor of the Department of Economic Cybernetics and Mathematical Modeling at MNAU, PhD in Economics Svetlana Tishchenko has recently visited PSU. She provided a series of lectures on current issues of mathematical statistics and econometrics on April 29 - May

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In addition to providing lectures, Svetlana Tishchenko took part in a scientific and practical seminar on the development of software products for virtual and augmented reality. The lecturers of the two universities are already experienced in this and the first result of their joint scientific activity is the article “The investment in the meat sector in the context of food security in Ukraine”. It was published in 2018 in the academic journal “Management Theory and Studies for Rural Business and Infrastructure Development” that is indexed in Web of Science (O. Shebanina, O. Golubeva, A. Burkovska, G. Radzevičius).

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During the seminar in the VR laboratory at PSU, the lecturers decided to continue the collaboration and publish another article on one of the most interesting directions in IT: VR or AR.

On May 3, Svetlana Tishchenko visited a concert dedicated to the celebration of Victory Day.

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Author: Oksana Golubeva
Photos: Vladimir Krivoborodenko and Polina Kosarevskaya