Полоцкий государственный университет


On May 27-30, 2019 the delegation from Andijan State University (the Republic of Uzbekistan) headed by the Rector, Doctor of Biological Sciences, Professor Yuldashev Akramjon Sultanmuradovich visited Polotsk State University. The visit was aimed at strengthening the mutually beneficial cooperation between the universities and singing the agreement on joint training of students specializing in:

A Meeting of the Rectors of the Universities

Discussions on International Cooperation

Andijan is the administrative, economic and cultural centre of the Andijan region. This is the greatest industrial and transport, scientific and academic, tourist and cultural centre of the Ferghana Valley. 

Andijan State University was founded in 1939 as the affiliation of Ferghana Pedagogical Institute, but in 1953 it was transformed into Andijan State Pedagogical Institute, having become independent. In 1992, Andijan State Pedagogical Institute was recognized as Andijan State University that was a powerful force for its further development.

Andijan State University comprises 33 departments and 9 faculties such as: Physics and Mathematics, Philology, History, Natural Science, Foreign Languages, Physical Education, Pedagogy, Preschool Education and Social Economics. Nowadays, there are more than ten thousand undergraduate students and more than 160 graduate students. Andijan State University offers 29 Bachelor’s degree programmes and 18 Master’s degree programmes.

The visit of the delegation from Uzbekistan was full of official events and excursions. Rector of Andijan State University Yuldashev Akramjon Sultanmuradovich and Head of the International Office Farkhod Alimov Sharabidinovich visited all the PSU campuses and found out more about PSU material and technical resources and its ancient and contemporary history.

An Excursion Around PSU Campuses

An Excursion Around PSU Campuses

An Excursion Around PSU Campuses

An Excursion Around PSU Campuses

Rector Yuldashev Akramjon Sultanmuradovich and Farkhod Alimov Sharabidinovich

An Excursion Around PSU Campuses

An Excursion Around PSU Campuses

An Excursion Around PSU Campuses

An Excursion Around PSU Campuses

An Excursion Around PSU Campuses

On finishing the visit, A. Yuldashev and D. Lazovsky signed a number of official documents on bilateral cooperation: the Memorandum of Understanding, the Agreement on joint training of students specializing in such Bachelor’s degree programmes as ‘Physical Education’, ‘Preschool Education’, ‘Handicraft Education’, ‘Tourism and Hospitality’ and discussed the curriculum.

Signing the Official Documents on Bilateral Cooperation

Besides the authorities of the two universities, the Dean of the Faculty of Humanities, Heads of the Department of Physical Training and Sports and the Department of Technology and Methods of Teaching were present at the solemn ceremony of signing the agreements.

The Solemn Ceremony of Signing the Agreements

Yuldashev Akramjon Sultanmuradovich, Rector of Andijan State University: “Andijan State University is one of the largest and oldest universities in Uzbekistan. During the visit, our delegation visited Polotsk and Novopolotsk – all the campuses of Polotsk State University. We were fascinated by the material and technical resources. Today we’ve signed the Memorandum of Understanding and the Agreement on joint training of students specializing in four Bachelor’s degree programmes. We hope for the fruitful collaboration in the near future.

Today, our delegation has met with PSU for the first time. We’d like PSU delegation to visit our university as well and learn more about its material and technical resources, departments and faculties. Then we will discuss further perspectives and directions for future cooperation. We have a strong desire to work in the research sphere. We’d like to publish our scientific papers in the PSU journal and invite PSU to publish in our university journals. Today we have also agreed on conducting joint scientific conferences, symposia and seminars. In the near future we are going to open joint Master’s degree programmes”.

Rector of Andijan State University

Dmitry Lazovsky, Rector of Polotsk State University: “Today we’ve signed the Agreement on joint training of students specializing in four Bachelor’s degree programmes. It is planned that students from Uzbekistan will study at Andijan State University for two years, but then continue their studies at Polotsk State University. The students will receive a higher education diploma recognized both in the Republic of Belarus and Uzbekistan. Besides the commercial component, it helps lecturers in both universities to expand the cooperation and increase student/ graduate/ postgraduate mobility”.

Without any doubt, the visit of the Andijan State University Delegation to PSU will improve the quality and quantity of educational services and increase the university export capacity, strengthen the ties of friendship and cooperation between the two countries. 

Delegation’s visit to PSU

Elena Borun, Natalia Dovgyalo
Photos by Polina Kosarevskaya