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Regardless of the distance dividing Polotsk and Samarkand, the cities have much in common. Appeared during the ancient times at the intersection of important trade routes, they became the centers of statehood and culture. After centuries, the traditions of education are still strong in them.

Thousands of kilometers between Polotsk and Samarkand are not a barrier to collaboration, which is being actively developed by Polotsk State University and Samarkand Institute of Economics and Service. The partnership began in February 2019, when Anna Lavrinenko and Elena Maley made a working visit to the friendly university.

During the very first meeting, the universities managed to discuss their common work plan for the 2019-2020 academic year. It concerned the opening of joint master’s degree programs. The parties discussed the curriculum and the scientific component of the joint work.

To further strengthen the collaboration, a return visit was organized by the Uzbek side. On July 16th-19th, 2019, the Rector of Samarkand Institute of Economics and Service Mukhiddin Egamberdiyevich Pulatov and Dean of the Faculty of Service and Tourism Tulkin Saidakhmedovich Sharipov visited Polotsk State University. The main purpose of the visit was the development and discussion of joint collaboration activities, as well as the signing of agreements concerning the creation of joint study programs (1+1) in the specialties of the II stage of higher education such as:

  • Business Administration;
  • Finance, taxation and credit;
  • Accounting, analysis and audit;
  • Logistics.

Mukhiddin Egamberdiyevich Pulatov and Tulkin Saidakhmedovich Sharipov

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The visit of guests from Samarkand Institute of Economics and Service was full of official events. One of them was a meeting with the chairman of the Polotsk district executive committee. Nikolay Shevchuk expressed his hope for further cooperation between the two cities, and also offered Muhiddin Egamberdievich Pulatov to become an ambassador for establishing close ties between Polotsk and Samarkand. The Rector of Samarkand Institute of Economics and Service accepted this proposal and agreed to meet with the Samarkand authorities to discuss the possibility of establishing a partnership with Polotsk as a twin town.

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The delegation also met with representatives of the Faculty of Finance and Economics of PSU: Dean of the Faculty Irina Pozdnyakova, Head of the Department of Accounting, Finance, Logistics and Management Elena Maley and Head of the Department of Economics Inga Zenkova. During the meeting, a collaboration plan for the 2019-2020 academic year was agreed.

As a result of the visit, the Rectors of the two universities, M.E. Pulatov and D.N. Lazovsky, solemnly signed a cooperation agreement for the 2019-2020 academic year “Supplementary Agreement to the Agreement on Joint Training of Specialists”.

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Numerous excursions were organized for the Samarkand delegation. During their stay, M. E. Pulatov and T. S. Sharipov visited the PSU campuses in Polotsk and Novopolotsk and visited the Polotsk Museum of Science and Education. The guests also had time to see ancient Polotsk and its sights. One of them is the Savior and St. Euphrosyne Convent, on the territory of which archaeological excavations are taking place.

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Collaboration with Samarkand Institute of Economics and Service is another step towards expanding the range of educational services and increasing the export potential of Polotsk State University. It also contributes to the strengthening of friendship and strategic partnership between the Republic of Belarus and the Republic of Uzbekistan.