Полоцкий государственный университет


On July 27, 2019, 30 Vice-Rectors for Research and Innovation Activities from higher educational establishments of the Republic of Uzbekistan visited Polotsk State University within their visit to the Republic of Belarus.

Their acquaintance with the most ancient Belarusian higher education institution started with the former Polotsk Jesuit College, which is a historical and cultural property of the country as a unique architectural monument of international significance.

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After a tour around Polotsk College provided by the Tourist and Excursion Centre, the delegation visited the exhibition of PSU scientific and technical innovations. After that, Dmitry Glukhov, Vice-Rector for Science, and Yury Golubev, Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs, informed the guests about the main research and international cooperation activities of the university.

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Uzbek colleagues expressed their interest in scientific and technical cooperation in the sphere of building materials and software usage for engineering calculations. Besides, they discussed the possibility of using virtual and augmented reality to solve specific tasks. Later, the guests talked about artificial intelligence usage in modern video surveillance systems.  The delegation paid attention to the PSU petrochemistry and  oil refining developments as well. In addition, it should be noted that specialists training in “Chemical Technology of Natural Energy Resources and Carbon Materials” and “Design, Construction and Exploitation of Gas and Oil Pipelines and Storages” in Belarus is held only at Polotsk State University.

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A tour around Polotsk was a nice ending to the visit.

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Photos: Polina Kosarevskaya