Полоцкий государственный университет



On September 12 of 2019, a professor from the University of Valencia (Spain) visited the Faculty of Law at Polotsk State University. Pilar Fernández Artiach is a specialist in the sphere of labour law and the director of the legal clinic at the University of Valencia.

Professor Pilar Fernández gave a lecture for law students on crises and migration in the European Union. The topic was of great interest to the audience as the professor presented it not only as an issue of human rights protection but also as an issue of immigration, labour and tax law.  

professor univ valensii 1

professor univ valensii 2

Besides, the professor took part in the panel discussion on a new stage of Students’ Legal Support Service work at Polotsk State University during this academic year. Our guest gave an overview of the students’ legal counselling system in Spain and shared her experience in running a legal clinic.

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Professor’s visit opened up new horizons for cooperating between the University of Valencia and the Faculty of Law at Polotsk State University.

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Pavel Solovyov, senior lecturer at the Department of Theory and History of State and Law