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On September 17, 2019 Alejandro Fuentes, Doctor of Law, Senior Researcher at the Raoul Wallenberg Institute of Human Rights and Humanitarian Law (Lund, Sweden), came to Belarus to give public English lectures at PSU. One can say that Doctor Alejandro Fuentes and the Law Faculty are good friends. His meetings with students and lecturers at the Faculty have become a good tradition and contributed significantly to a long and fruitful collaboration between Polotsk State University and Raoul Wallenberg Institute.

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As part of the lecture “European Human Rights System” and the seminar “European Court Experience Regarding Minorities and Other Socially Vulnerable Groups of People”, Dr. Fuentes described the history, structure and competence of the European Court of Human Rights, basic principles of human rights protection in Europe and worldwide, as well as gave some examples of international documents in the sphere of human rights protection. Special attention was paid to terms and conditions for submitting an appeal to the Court.

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Alejandro Fuentes gave many examples of European legal practice. Students took an active part in the discussion, tried to argue and express their opinion on the considering cases.

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After the lecture and the seminar, our students shared their impressions.

Anastasia Bobkova, a 2nd-year student:This is not the first time Alejandro has given his lectures, which is really exciting. The topics he presents are relevant and interesting. I mean, the 21st century is the century of human rights protection. I’m very pleased with the information given in a structured form. Every student was involved in the communication. I can’t but mention the advantages of interaction:

  1. Information acquisition
  2. Positive feelings
  3. English practice”.

Polina Urban, a 2nd-year student: “This is not the first time Alejandro has come to the Law Faculty and given lectures to our students. All his lectures are of great interest to everyone. It was very interesting to learn more about the European Court of Human Rights”.

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Kristina Savitskaya, Senior Lecturer at the Department of Civil Law