Полоцкий государственный университет


International activity is one of the areas of PSU priority. The university departments participate in various scientific and academic programmes to develop it. The Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union is one of them. Within its framework, PSU collaborates with universities in Europe and with the University of Tübingen as well. Founded in 1477, the University of Tübingen is one of the oldest centres of education and science in Germany and has long-time educational traditions as well as PSU.

On November 1, 2019, German-Belarusian moderators of the Erasmus+ project gathered together at Polotsk College. The German delegation was represented by Professor Ellen Widder, Professor Olga Keller and Doctor Antonino Spinelli.

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The programme of the visit was full of events. It started with a meeting with the First Vice-Rector of PSU, Svetlana Vegera, Head of the Department of History and Tourism Alesya Korsak and Head of the Department of World Literature and Foreign Languages Tatiana Gordeyonok. The representatives of partner-universities discussed further collaboration directions, including the possibility of a student academic exchange within archaeological excavations on the territory of Saint Euphrosyne Convent as a unique historical and cultural object of global significance.

After the meeting, the German delegation went on a guided tour around Polotsk accompanied by Associate Professor at the Department of History and Tourism Olga Yemelyanchik. She turned the guests’ attention to the compact arrangement of the historical sites: Polotsk College is located right in the heart of the city near the Saint Sophia Cathedral, which previously was a politically significant place as the center of education and enlightenment.

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Polotsk College is a favourite destination among tourists. The German guests were also impressed by its historical atmosphere. The most emotional part was a talk with “The Mechanical Head” (the reconstruction of the Gabriel Gruber’s project). Then they visited the university yard where one could see the academic march of some historical figures inside the clock.

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After a tour around Polotsk College, the delegation met with students of the Faculty of Humanities at PSU. During the meeting, students asked questions concerning an academic exchange programme. The communication was fully in English or German.

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The directions of collaboration between the universities were set according to the results of the meetings. Olga Yemelyanchik is providing lectures for students of the University of Tübingen this November. In its turn, Mrs. Widder is giving lectures to PSU students next semester.

The University of Tübingen has been familiar with historians of Belarus for more than 10 years. Dedicated to this event, the edition “Opere et veritate: Sammelband von wissenschaftlichen Werken, gewidmet dem 10-jahrigen Jubiläum der Zusammenarbeit zwischen den Historikern von weißrussischen Universitäten und der Universität Tübingen” (“In deed and truth: collection of research papers, devoted to the 10th anniversary of collaboration among historians of Belarusian universities and ones of the University of Tübingen”) has been released this year and includes works of the leading specialists from the different spheres of science.

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Polotsk State University expresses its gratitude to Mrs. Keller for taking the initiative in accompanying the delegation from the German side. We hope for the further successful collaboration too.

Alesya Korsak, Head of the Department of History and Tourism