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On January 14th, 2020 PSU hosted a meeting between Goethe-Institut (Minsk) delegation, Novopolotsk city administration and the leading specialists of JSC “Naftan”. During the meeting, the questions concerning possibilities of further cooperation within “Neftesovremennost” international project were discussed.

At the meeting Head of Goethe-Institut Yakob Rachek and his assistant Vera Dedok reported on the essence and the main goals of the project, which spheres the institute covers and also spoke about the increasing role of oil and the importance of oil-producing and oil-refining industries at the present stage of economic development: “Working on this project we ask the main question, how oil influences the everyday culture and international relations. The age of oil is examined from the perspective of the imagined future. Such an approach, developed by the science and art group The Beauty of Oil, shows the oil from the different side, i.e. not only as physical fuel but also as energetic one, the impetus of human history. Oil brings to life not only motors but also bodies and dreams. Transport, medicaments, design, nutrition, military equipment, pop-culture and production are the spheres which are impossible to imagine without oil as the source of material and energy”.

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It is planned to launch the project in a form as a petro-saloon: hosting discussions with the participation of academic experts and people of art from post-soviet countries and Europe. Based on the discussion German supervisors will form the essence of the expositional and preliminary parts of the 2nd stage of the project.

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The main goals of the meeting are to understand if this project is interesting for Novopolotsk, the University and “Naftan” enterprise, to discuss the possible plan of its implementation and to listen to the opinions of academic experts and people of art who work in this sphere.

The project organizers wanted to compare Germany and Belarus in the spheres of oil refining and petrochemistry. Novopolotsk is a unique place where research and production go together. The city is also interesting for its historical and cultural development.

The perspectives and practical actions to strengthen further cooperation were set during the meeting. Deputy Head of Novopolotsk City Administration on Social Questions Andrei Odinochkin says that tourism, industrial tourism and oil cultures are to become the main spheres of cooperation between Germany and Belarus.

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The cooperation discussion together with German supervisors will be held in May. They will provide more exact information about the project. The materials will be selected and the plan of the further cooperation will be set during the discussion. The demonstration of the first results of the cooperation in Novopolotsk will be held in 2021.

Tatiana Osipova
Photo: Polina Kosarevskaya