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During the university years, many students decide to stay in their alma mater, take a master’s degree course, become a lecturer and continue participating in university life. The university is the second home, and it’s not so easy for students to leave it. Studying in Belarus is a completely new stage of life for international students, so many of them decide to stay here. We asked Geldimyrat Annayev, a trainee teacher at the Department of Technology and Equipment of Oil and Gas Processing (Faculty of Mechanics and Technology), why he chose PSU and what made him stay in Belarus after studies.

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Geldimyrat entered PSU in 2016. He studied at the Faculty of Mechanics and Technology, study program – Chemical Technology of Natural Energy Resources and Carbon Materials. He plunged into the student life. Besides, he was involved in research. Geldimyrat became a winner in the nomination “Best in University Security Team” at Student Awards Ceremony 2019 Golden Picea. His friendliness and cheerfulness have always encouraged new entrants, freshmen and students.

One common question students get is, why did you choose Polotsk State University? Geldimyrat says:

I like the study process and existing opportunities to develop my full potential. I respect emotional support and teacher sensitivity. Teachers will always respond to students’ academic and emotional needs, encourage them to experience enjoyment and excitement about learning and feel comfortable in the classroom. They also explain a theory or a problem in simple terms.

People in Tajikistan have heard a lot about Polotsk State University. My cousin studied here, and I heard only good things about the university. As I grew older, I had to see it with my own eyes and I never looked back. I chose the right speciality. I got involved in research. Thanks to Sergei Yakubovsky, every year I wrote and presented research papers at the student research conference at PSU.

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University days are the most vivid and unforgettable time. Of course, you don’t have to spend it on gaining knowledge and immersion in your speciality only. The main thing is not to stay at one place. In my second year, I wanted not only to study but also spend my time wisely, participate in the university life, become a part of PSU and leave a mark in its history.

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A Student Must Be Ready And Willing to Work!

In fact, in order to be among the best students, it is more important to have a desire than any unique qualities. If you are on the move and ready to work hard, your eyes are shining, you have a lot of different ideas and you are ready to bring your dreams to life, then you may become a part of the student community because we can achieve more together than on our own.

Not so long ago, Geldimyrat Annaev was a student, and today he works as a trainee teacher at the Department of Technology and Equipment of Oil and Gas Processing. Sometimes it is difficult to immediately start such a serious work, but he follows the example of his mentors: help students master a difficult specialty and acquire new skills.

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In fact, teaching is a very interesting and new experience in my life.

I am lucky that there are good guys among my students. Friendly and hardworking students dive into learning and are ready to learn new things. I guess, we are in tune, they always strive for new knowledge!

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Daria Stepanova
Photos by Polina Kosarevskaya