Полоцкий государственный университет


A specialist should be trained for designing and exploitation of welding equipment; welding constructions on gas- and oil-refinery industry; and also for organizational and managerial, commercial and production, and research activity in the field of design and production of welding equipment for different purposes. A specialist can perform the following functions: carrying out design and research and prospecting work, staff training, and many other functions.

The graduates of this speciality can work at building and assembly organizations that perform welding and assembling of pipe lines, restoration and repairs of gas- and oil refinery enterprises. Also they can work at other companies and organizations.

A specialist should have deep knowledge in the fields of:

  • Material science and thermal treatment of metals and new welding materials;
  • Welding materials, shielding media;
  • Advanced welding technologies;
  • Diagnostics of welding constructions (including the application of new methodologies and computers);
  • CAD of welding constructions, and welding technologies;
  • Standardization;
  • Certification;
  • Metrology.