Полоцкий государственный университет


On December 8, 2016 the seminar for post-graduates and applicants for a degree was held at PSU. It includes the questions of studying in modern terms, the reforming of post graduate study plans taking into account the requirements of modern labour market, increase of the effectiveness of dissertation research, international academic mobility in research activity and cooperation with university-partners.

The realization of main aims

At the beginning of the seminar the head of post-graduate department Elena G. Kremneva told about the perspectives which are opened for post-graduate students within the new model of the third cycle in Engineering Education at Polotsk State University.

Elena G. Kremneva

Elena Kremneva introduced new experimental study plans and graphics of studying process for post-graduate education according to the joint European TEMPUS project «New Model of the Third Cycle in Engineering Education Due to Bologna Procession in BY, RU, UA (NETCENG).

The seminar for post-graduate students and applicants for a degree

The participants got acquainted with six developed and completed, main study programmes and four flexible study programmes in the field of Engineering education taking into account the requirements of labour market.

Main study programmes:

  • Automobile Production Safety;
  • Methods and systems of voice and video information security;
  • Screening of radioeletronic devices and systems. New principles of aerial projection;
  • Satellite navigation systems;
  • Automated system of collection and processing of remote sensing results;
  • Processing of images and computer vision.

Flexible study programmes:

  • Effective communication with groups;
  • Effective carrier development;
  • Methodology of scientific research;
  • Introduction to ANSYS.

The participants

Post-graduate education

During the seminar the participants had a possibility to share their ideas about study development and ask questions connected with study programmes, international mobility.